Border Solar Chooses Roof Tech for Major New Home Development in El Paso.

When completed, the project will encompass installation of Roof Tech's signature product, RT-[E] Mount, on the PV systems of more than 100 homes currently under construction on a 15-acre site on the outskirts of El Paso.

Novato, CA - (October 15, 2014) – Roof Tech, a provider of innovative PV solar mounting solutions for residential and commercial projects, has been selected to provide its rail-less mounting solution to Border Solar of El Paso, Texas for a major new development of single-family homes. When completed, the project will encompass installation of Roof Tech's signature product, RT-[E] Mount, on the PV systems of more than 100 homes currently under construction on a 15-acre site on the outskirts of El Paso.

RT-[E] Mount cuts installation time from two hours to 40 minutes per home.

Roof Tech sales director Tim Vaughn is working closely with Border Solar PV designer and project manager David Oropeza on the new project. In mid-September, Tim traveled to El Paso to provide hands-on guidance for the first installation. "Tim came out to our work site and taught us how to do the installation step-by-step," said David. "Once we learned the simple techniques, it took just 40 minutes to install a 2KW system instead of the usual two hours, which translates into huge time and cost savings for us."

For Border Solar, a simpler, safer way to install rooftop PV systems.

As a project manager, David said he is always looking for faster, easier, safer ways to complete PV installations. "Before Roof Tech, our installers had to carry long, heavy rails up to the rooftop to measure and cut, and the metal rails would get searing hot under the El Paso sun," he said. "With RT-[E] Mount, all parts for an entire 2KW PV system fit in a single bag, so our installers only need to carry one lightweight bag to the roof, then take out each piece as needed."

Massive rains and flash flood warnings prove Roof Tech products to be watertight.

To deliver a weatherproof seal that lives up to its "One with the Roof" promise, RT-[E] Mount incorporates butyl rubber flashing, renowned for its watertight performance and durability. Traditional PV mounting solutions utilize metal flashing with long span rails secured by lag bolts and sealed with caulking, which can compromise the seal. "Our crew was skeptical at first," admitted David, "but after installing RT-[E] Mount on our first three homes, we had to stop work due to massive rainfall and flash flood warnings. When the rain ended, not a single drop had leaked through the butyl rubber seal. Now everyone is thrilled that we chose Roof Tech."

Adding value to the biggest investment of a lifetime: a new home.

Green building is at the core of Border Solar's mission and David said that the demand for solar in the El Paso market is growing quickly. "All our customers demand solar when they buy a home," he explained. "When a person is making the biggest investment of their life, they don't want to see unsightly rails and wires on their rooftop. With RT-[E] Mount, the PV modules are completely flush with the roof so it's far more visually appealing and adds to the overall value of the home."

Border Solar and Roof Tech: Looking ahead to more successful projects.

When completed, the current project for Saratoga Homes will include upwards of 100 single-family homes. David anticipates that the first 80 homes will be completed by mid-December 2014, and the balance will be done early in 2015. "We do 10 to 15 installations a month at Border Solar," he said. "Based on the clear success of this initial project, we definitely plan on using Roof Tech products on future projects as well."

About Border Solar
Border Solar is the leading integrator of solar PV systems in El Paso, Texas. Established in 2008 as a division of Southwest Sustainable Energy, LLC, the founders of Border Solar also created Southwest Energy Conservation (SENERCON), which was recognized by the U.S. EPA as Energy Star Partner of the Year for five consecutive years. Today, Border Solar provides turnkey, design-build PV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects in Texas and New Mexico, and has installed more PV systems in new homes than any other solar provider in the El Paso area.

About Roof Tech
Roof Tech, Inc., is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a Japanese company renowned for more than four decades of innovative roofing technologies. In June 2012, Roof Tech established its U.S. headquarters in Novato, California and currently has a national sales team in place to provide its unique PV solar mounting solutions for residential and commercial projects. Roof Tech has three signature products: RT-[E] Mount, RT-[E] Mount AIR and U set Solar. All are fully code-compliant and offer compact, watertight performance for rooftop solar installations.

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