Daetwyler Clean Energy and Exosun Form Alliance to Provide Complete Solar Mounting and Tracking Systems in the US

Each company will provide the full range of mounting and tracking products while ensuring customers receive world class support.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C., Oct. 14, 2014 -- "Partnering for a

brighter future", Exosun, an expert in the design, development and supply of
solar tracking systems for ground-mounted utility-scale solar power plants,
and Daetwyler Clean Energy (DCE), a leading supplier of superior engineered
ground mount & rooftop solar mounting solutions, have strategically
partnered to provide a full range of best-in-class mounting and tracking
solutions to elevate consumer awareness and make it even easier for their
clients to achieve their financial goals from a single solar mounting
provider in the United States. Each company will provide the full range of
mounting and tracking products while ensuring customers receive world class

"Simply put, different projects require different solutions," stated Bill
Taylor, President and Founding Partner of Daetwyler Clean Energy, "and we
wanted to provide our clients the convenience of working with a single,
trusted partner to source any of their mounting and tracking needs. With our
commitment to R&D, and through our extensive due diligence process, we found
the Exosun product to be a superior system.
The simplicity, flexibly, operational cost, ease of installation and overall
value is unmatched. We are truly proud to add this product to our extensive
product catalog."

"We are delighted about this partnership with Daetwyler Clean Energy,"
commented Frederic Conchy, President and CEO of Exosun, and
inventor/co-inventor of more than a dozen international patents. "By
combining our know-how in the solar utility-scale field, we will be able to
offer our customers a complete range of innovative, high quality and
cost-effective products, delivered with associated engineering support
services and project management."

Both companies continue to express their enthusiasm for helping provide
greater transparency to the solar industry on utilizing superior products
and services. Next week, you can find them at the Solar Power International
Convention in Las Vegas, October 21-23.

About Daetwyler Clean Energy

Daetwyler Clean Energy (DCE) serves as market leader in industrial grade
solar mounting hardware and consulting. With DCE's world-class engineering
and fabrication facilities, American master craftsmen leverage more than
three generations of Swiss engineering expertise to create a full catalog of
superior fixed tilt mounting and tracking solutions for ground and both flat
and pitched roofs. By developing and installing equipment designed for
longevity and efficiency, DCE lowers the long-term cost of ownership and
elevates the future of the solar industry. www.daetwylerce.com

About Exosun

Founded in 2007 in France, Exosun is a leading provider of solar tracking
technologies for PV and CPV systems. Exosun designs, develops and supplies
innovative solar tracking systems delivered with a full range of associated
engineering support services, covering the complete life cycle of
utility-scale solar plant. Designed to meet the highest quality standards,
Exosun's solar solutions provide predictable, reliable performances with
state-of-the-art technology. Highly competitive on price, quality, and
yield, Exosun offers all the technical and environmental qualities necessary
to create the best solutions for large scale ground-mounted solar projects.

In 2012, the company launched operations in the United States from its San
Francisco based subsidiary and has since become the first tracker company to
secure UL 3703 compliance certification. www.exosun.net

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