SPI 2014 - S:FLEX Expands Portfolio with PV Carports

Denver, October 17, 2014 – S:FLEX Inc., US-based manufacturer of racking solutions for photovoltaic rooftop and ground mount systems, expand their portfolio by launching an innovative PV Carports product line.

In response to the rising market segment S:FLEX has developed a range of PV Carport and Solar Canopy designs to cover existing parking lots and garages with elegant tapered beam structures. By using computer-aided manufacturing techniques, S:FLEX PV Carports maximize energy harvest and minimize structural weight. The designs of the structures that resist any site-specific wind, snow and seismic forces place columns and supports away from potential obstructions. Every built-up column, tapered beam and purlin is custom-designed for every site, so there is no need to compromise with stock materials or limitations of light gauge materials. In regards to PV module installations S:FLEX Carports show their versatility. Every module size and format can be accommodated and even last minute module changes can be made, due to the built-in flexibility of the system. In addition, S:FLEX offers a range of cost-effective standardized designs to streamline the permitting process.

"We studied the market needs carefully and built a very strong team of engineers, vertically-integrated fabricators and national construction professionals in order to offer a complete package for PV Carports as we do with all of our system solutions" said Nils Wollenberg, Managing Partner of S:FLEX Inc.

Project specific support to optimize material use, logistics and ease of installation are essential to a successful project. S:FLEX offers a variety of services from design, over geotech/surveys and preparation of complete permitting packages to the final assembly and module installation. A North American network of high volume manufacturing and installation professionals provides complete turnkey services, up to and including PV module installation, if desired.

Ben Jones, VP of Business Development of S:FLEX Inc., explains: "Our key clients and EPCs kept asking us to apply our can-do mentality to carport solutions. We did, and now we have over 8 MW of PV Carports and Solar Canopy projects under contract since April 2014 and the future looks very promising".

More information is available at the Solar Power International in Las Vegas, NV at S:FLEX Booth 2000.

About S:FLEX:
S:FLEX Inc. develops PV mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs, ground mounts and carports. With offices in USA, Germany, UK, France and Spain, the company is a trading partner for wholesalers and installers. As a racking solution supplier whose services range from planning and developing PV mounting solutions, to providing outstanding support and quick turnarounds, the S:FLEX team builds its reputation on over 25 years of experience and proven practical expertise in the photovoltaic market. Its product range includes prefabricated and partially pre-assembled substructures, and if required tailor-made solutions that are developed in close coordination with its partners. For more information, please visit our website at: www.sflex.com

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