SPI 2014 - Quick Mount PV Introduces Quick Rack

Innovative Rail-Free Mounting System Saves Time and Money on Solar Installation

WALNUT CREEK, CA, October 16, 2014 – Today, Quick Mount PV introduced the Quick Rack Rail-Free Mounting System for solar rooftop installations. The Quick Rack system integrates the roof mount and the racking to significantly reduce material handling, installation time and labor costs.

By eliminating long rails, Quick Rack can be packaged in small boxes, making the entire mounting system easy to transport, warehouse and deliver to the rooftop.

"We saw a need in the marketplace for a simple, flexible, high-quality rail-free system," said Quick Mount PV CEO Claudia Wentworth. "Quick Rack advances our mission to make rooftop solar even more affordable and accessible."

Quick Rack is engineered for strength and structural integrity, and works with standard module frames. Installation requires just a single tool. Micro-inverters and optimizers attach to the module frame with simple mounting brackets designed by Quick Mount PV. Wire management is easily achieved by clipping the wires to the module frames.

"Quick Rack is really innovative - it makes installs go much faster," said Peter Fobare, Partner at Apex Solar Power, a solar installation firm based in New York. "Quick Rack cuts close to 50 percent off our installation time. We just measure out the roof, put the mounts in, and start laying modules. When we tighten down the Panel Clamps, the system neatly comes together into a smooth, uniform plane."

Quick Rack comes with proprietary design software that simply and accurately configures the array to ensure code-compliance. Arrays can be designed in landscape, portrait or mixed orientation, and the design software readily accommodates any obstructions on the roof.

The Quick Rack System consists of three primary components:

The Base Mount incorporates a pre-assembled, adjustable top slider and features Quick Mount PV's patented Elevated Water Seal technology to deliver industry-best waterproofing.

The innovative Panel Clamp attaches the modules to the mounts and also functions as a self-leveling bridge to securely connect the modules together, transforming the module frames into structural components of the array. Integrated grounding pins eliminate the need to run long copper wires across the roof, and require only one grounding lug for the entire array.

A snap-on Skirt gives the finished array a clean, distinctive look.

The Quick Rack system is UL 2703 listed and has a UL 1703 System Class A Fire Rating, Type 1 Modules.

Quick Mount PV will be exhibiting at Solar Power International, October 21–23 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with live Quick Rack presentations throughout the show. Booth # 1412.

Visit quickmountpv.com/quickrack for more information.

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