Solar, Science, and Savings: University of Kentucky Extension Office Generates Green Power and Innovation

50kW PV system provides income, savings, and new curriculum choices for Christian County Extension Office; MAGE SOLAR USA partners with Sunway Energy Solutions

Dublin (Georgia). October 29, 2014. MAGE SOLAR USA, a US-based provider of premium quality, top-performance PV and ACPV modules, announced that the University of Kentucky added a 50kW PV system to the Christian County Extension Office in Hopkinsville. The system was designed and installed by Sunway Energy Solutions of Murray, Kentucky.

The Extension Office, which is part of the vast off-campus information network of the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University, focuses on offering non-formal educational programs on agriculture and natural resources, horticulture, as well as family and consumer sciences for area residents and farmers. Since many classes incorporate sensible issues like environmental stewardship and sustainability, it was a logical step for the leadership at the Christian County Office to implement a photovoltaic system that would provide the opportunity to experience the benefits of clean energy first hand.

The 200 MAGE SOLAR panels recently installed by Sunway Energy Solutions are supported by 100 DC optimizers and fastened onto five 10 kilowatt ground mounts. The system's real-time performance can be monitored through a front office kiosk and serves as a hands-on learning opportunity for the office's local clientele.

The system generates a considerable income for the Extension Office since 100% of the kilowatt hours produced is sold directly to the Tennessee Valley Authority under the Green Power Provider program, along with a 4 cent premium over going rate for the first 10 years. The systems generated income will offset about 25% of the office's energy needs with solar and therefore reduce its operational costs.

"This solar array is just one more way that the local extension office plans to increase programming and outreach to the local community. This system will allow the clients to come and see a system up close to get all of their questions answered. This is another example of the commitment of the Christian County Extension Office to bring cutting edge technology into their programming for the local clientele," says Todd Powell, co-owner and CEM of Sunway Energy Solutions LLC.

MAGE SOLAR USA, the US-based manufacturer of the solar panels, guarantees an industry-leading 30-year power output on its product, allowing the Extension Office to enjoy the budgetary and environmental benefits of solar for an extended term.

"Quality and long-term reliability are paramount to a PV system, especially in a setting where education, cost-effectiveness, and innovation meet," says Don Hammond, a senior executive with MAGE SOLAR USA. "We are happy MAGE SOLAR products were an ideal match for the University's Extension Office and the system was designed and constructed so beautifully well by Sunway Energy Solutions. We'd like to thank both partners for the great collaboration and for making us part of their sustainable savings strategy with solar."

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