UK Power Reserve submits 1.8GW new build distributed generation as part of capacity auction

Growing independent developer submits most ambitious independent strategy in the capacity auction after doubling workforce in four years

UK Power Reserve (UKPR), the leading independent developer and operator of flexible, smart and affordable power generation, has more than doubled its specialist workforce in four years and submitted the single largest distributed generation strategy of any independent provider for the upcoming UK Capacity Auction.

Founded by energy experts and investors in 2010, the company now owns and operates a rapidly expanding UK portfolio of flexible power plants that currently stands at 185 MW of generation capacity. The performance of UKPR's portfolio exceeds industry standards in over 95 per cent of cases and the company is poised for further growth.

"We are thrilled to announce this fantastic growth, which demonstrates our commitment to being the smartest generator in the country," says Tim Emrich, CEO at UKPR. "We have been growing rapidly and providing demand response to the National Grid for years without a capacity market, and we will continue to expand now that the auctions are in place. We define our services as the ‘energy emergency service', and this will play a crucial role in keeping the lights on this winter by providing vital energy across the UK just when it is needed most."

UKPR has also been leading the way in digital innovation for smart flexible power generation. The company created a Virtual Power Station (VPS) using proprietary UKPR-designed SCADA systems. This technology now provides real-time monitoring and control of its power station network and provision of Demand Side Response (DSR) from the central control room in Solihull.

Moreover, the company has contributed to demystifying the often obscure energy markets for consumers and market participants. UKPR's iGridUK app allows users to access multiple sources of electricity market information relating to security of supply. The app helps users reduce costs by telling them when best to reduce demand or turn on generation capacity. Ultimately, these savings can then be passed down to the end consumer.

"UK Power Reserve will continue to grow and expand across the UK," continued Tim. "We have a highly skilled team of technicians and this, coupled with a truly scalable model, means that we are ready to embrace the upcoming capacity auction. We will continue to grow, and continue to provide our expert emergency services to the market 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to prevent ‘Blackout Britain' from becoming a reality."

Produced by: Leigh Draper
Job Title: Communications and Special Projects Manager
Telephone: 07872 147341
Date: 18th November 2014
About UK Power Reserve

UK Power Reserve is the leading independent developer and operator of smart, flexible power generation in the United Kingdom. Founded by energy experts and investors in 2010, UK Power Reserve combines a specialist team and a portfolio of flexible energy generation assets. From site purchasing to operations and plant design to grid connections, UK Power Reserve brings a unique expertise to the UK energy market.
With its portfolio of flexible power plants, UK Power Reserve maintains security of supply and supports a renewable future as a smart energy provider of choice to the UK energy market. As the pioneers of developing and acquiring flexible power generation, UK Power Reserve owns and operates a rapidly expanding UK portfolio with 185MW of generation capacity.

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