Patterson NY Landfill Site Completed by BQ Energy Using GameChange Pour-in-Place System

"Solar PV system installation on landfill and brownfield sites is a great way to leverage unusable land to harvest long term energy generation"

NEW YORK – November 26th, 2014 – GameChange Racking today announced the Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground System was utilized in the installation of a 1MW solar PV system on a municipal landfill site in Patterson NY. Quality, fast install time and value were the primary factors in the selection of the GameChange system.

Paul Curran, Managing Director of BQ Energy, stated: "Working on a landfill requires that you pay careful attention to any equipment that will contact the existing ground surface, so that the environmental integrity of the site can be maintained. Working with GameChange allowed us to design this installation cost effectively to ensure that our project resulted in an overall environmental gain in the Town of Patterson."

Teresa Zhao, Director of Sales at GameChange Racking, was quoted: "Solar PV system installation on landfill and brownfield sites is a great way to leverage unusable land to harvest long term energy generation. There are over 100,000 brownfields in the USA and we expect to see this trend continue, especially in densely populated areas where land value is higher.

The GameChange Racking patent pending protected Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground System has moved to a leadership position in the solar PV industry for landfills and brownfields due to its superior quality, fast installation time and unbeatable value pricing."

GameChange Pour-in-Place is an industry leader for ballasted ground systems both for landfills and for rocky sites where screw and pile installations are often too expensive.

GC Pour-in-Place Ballasted Ground System features:

*Self-leveling technology: 68% faster install than precast
*Large ballast footprint reduces landfill cap loading
*Panels rapidly mount using T-bolts and self-grounding module clamps
*Integrated wire management tray on robust aluminum rails
*Passed rigorous electrical and mechanical testing by ETL to UL 2703
*Bankability technical due diligence assessment by industry leader Black & Veatch
*Wind tunnel tested by industry leader CPP
*Priced starting $.169/w for racking and forms, $.189/w complete system including ballast

About BQ Energy
BQ Energy is widely recognized as among the world's leaders in developing renewable energy projects on brownfields and landfills. They have completed several wind and solar opportunities at properties throughout the United States. Their projects have received awards and recognition from the EPA, National Brownfields Association and numerous publications. BQ Energy only works on landfills and brownfield sites to capitalize upon its expertise and to advance these types of environmentally preferred projects.

About GameChange Racking
GameChange Racking LLC provides solar racking systems which combine fast installation, quality and unbeatable value for both ground and rooftop applications. GameChange is based on the concept of simple innovative design and large scale volume manufacturing. All GameChange products are designed and tested to meet rigorous environmental conditions and manufactured in compliance with strict industry standards.

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