Africa Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference (AREX) 2015 set for June 04-06

Region's largest renewable energy and sustainability event expected to welcome 20,000 delegates and 650 participating companies to Commonwealth Munyonyo Speke Resorts in Kampala, Uganda.

Unlocking the growing clean energy investment opportunities of East and Central Africa – one of the world's most promising renewable energy markets – will be a key focus during the 2015 Africa`s Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference (AREX), which takes place June 4th – 6th, at the Commonwealth Munyonyo Speke Resorts, Kampala.

AREX unites the key players – from industry, technology, finance and government – needed to accelerate commercial opportunities in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors. AREX takes place, June 04-06, a global platform attracting more than 20,000 delegates to address the interconnected challenges of economic development, water scarcity, poverty, energy and climate change that affect the widespread acceleration and adoption of sustainable development and renewable clean energy.

"As a result of ambitious energy targets, countries in the region are incentivizing the rapid scale-up of renewable energy," said Mr. Albert A Rehan, CEO of United Consortium, Global event organizer and renewable energy company and host of AREX 2015. "The development of wind and solar power is a fundamental strategy that supports energy security and creates lasting economic and social opportunities."

The AREX agenda will offer delegates unmatched insight about the growing market opportunities in East Africa and Africa as a whole, home to future of renewable energy and growing economies. It includes an examination of how world's largest exporter of oil – intends to transform their domestic energy supply to become one of the world's largest producers of renewable energy.

Regional leaders will debate the continent's vast renewable energy potential, while other sessions will focus on Morocco's transition from an energy importer to a net energy exporter, provide insight into Egypt's urgent energy demand needs and examine South Africa's clean energy growth.

"Now in its debut and first time in the region, Africa` Renewable Energy Exhibition and Conference is firmly positioned as the gateway to the region's growing business opportunities in the fields of renewables and clean technology," Mr. Rehan stated. "Part of the platform's success is the ability to adapt over the years, taking into account advancements in technology, an evolving energy industry and the interconnectivity of global economies and resources."

Governments across Africa have made significant pledges toward investments in renewable energy. For example:
o In Morocco, a US$9 billion solar-power project, accounting for 38 per cent of country's installed power generation by 2020, is currently under way. It has targeted 42 per cent of domestic energy supply from renewables by 2020;
o The Egyptian government will invest $US1billion in solar energy as it looks to increase the country's share of renewables to 20 per cent by 2020
o Renewable energy investments in sub-Saharan Africa – particularly in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia – are expected to grow to more than US$7 billion by 2016.
In addition AREX will also explore a wide range of global energy trends, including:
o The rise of shale gas and its impact on the adoption of renewable energy
o The role of cities in combating climate change
o Risks and opportunities of developing and operating utility-scale solar plants and wind farms
o The opportunity of energy efficiency
o The Internet of Things' and future smart grid solutions
o Maximizing value from operational solar PV and CSP projects
o Mitigating financial risk in project development.

About AREX 2015

Africa Renewable Energy, Exhibition and conference is a key regional event that focuses on the future of renewable energy and sustainability organized by United Consortium Ltd in collaboration with the ministry of energy and petroleum

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