From 11th to 13th March 2015 the Bulgarian capital Sofia will host the 11th edition of the annual Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency and Renewables (EE & RE).

In times of climate change, insecurity and rising prices, clean energy has become a paramount to the sustainability of national and regional development increasing the competitiveness and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. According to the last statistics, bioenergy remains the major source among renewables in Europe, accounting for almost 62% of European renewables and showing steady growth patterns across the different market segments.

From 11th to 13th March 2015 the Bulgarian capital Sofia will host the 11th edition of the annual Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency and Renewables (EE & RE).

Bioenergy has a potential in South-East Europe. An essential increase in the sector is expecting in the coming years due to the well-developed agriculture, forestry, wood industry and policy framework supporting RES. It is determined of growth in local heat and electricity demands and possibility of attraction of foreign and private investors. Export of biomass pellets, production of biofuels for transport, co-firing or total replacement in district heating plants firing heavy oil or coal are considered as a perspective market niche.

The Organizer Via Expo is again announcing a strong interest of participating companies working in the field of bioenergy.

Leading companies will put on display their latest products: biogas and biomass plants; biomass heating boilers; pellet presses; pellet installations; thermal waste treatment and energy recovery systems; briquette making equipment; bio filters, energy saving solutions, etc. The concurrent event Save the Planet' (waste management) will strengthen the dialogue between participants and will broaden the visitor audience.

Polytechnik is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced combustion solutions, heat and power plants, and emission control systems. The company is a traditional participant within the Austrian Pavilion.

One of focuses of Balkanika Energy PLC is biomass energy and biofuel production. It is partnering successfully with Schmack Biogas, G.E.I.T. Europe, Viessmann Group, etc.

A wide range of technologies and equipment for biomass utilization will be presented by Ekoeffect Bulgaria, an official representative of the Czech company Ponast' – leader in the automatic boilers in pellets.

The Spanish company EBIOSS Energy has also joined the Exhibition. The newest project in Bulgaria is related to construction of heating cogeneration plant /heat and electricity/ based on the gasification of waste in Karlovo.

Biona Gas – a biogas plants with a total capacity of 1.5 MWe – is another project which is realized recently by the exhibitor ELLON. According the opinion of the company president of the company Mr. Aigatov, the future of the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria are biogas and biomass plants. The Nitrates Directive gives opportunity to farmers to build such plants with the aim to utilize harvested manure and to receive profits from the energy companies.

Belfri Ltd. will make its debut at EE & RE together with its partners Tecon Textile Constructions GmbH, ennox biogas technology and Hexa-Cover A / S. The company will promote equipment with industrial and agricultural applications for production and utilization of biogas and landfill gas.

A highlight in the parallel Conference will be a session The Future of District Heating in Europe' organized by Euroheat & Power. Speakers from leading companies Samson, Dalkia, Fortum and Ramboll will summarize the current trends and will explore the role of municipalities to improve the efficiency and renewable energy use.

Organizer: Via Expo
+ 359 32/512 900

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