With Florida Now Offering Solar Power Rebates, BSES Officials Claim Best is Yet to Come

Florida finally opened its arms to solar power rebates for their residents, and BSES officials not only support it, but encourage homeowners to take advantage while they still can

January 25, 2015

Last week in Florida an eagerly waited upon offering of solar rebates from a local branch of power by Florida Power and Light (FPL) was introduced as an online application with a limited number of rebates available for the first wave of applicants. Solar power has been a struggling market in the sunny state of Florida with tight regulations and tough opposition from utility companies. The rebate applications which FPL opened up at 8:30am were completely gone for residential PV panels within 30 seconds and business accounts within 3 minutes. The speed at which the rebates were taken makes it easy to read between the lines for industry experts. BSES of California is a solar energy system company that is proud to help provide their customers with up to 30% back on their solar investment through similar rebates and has a lot to say to the residents of Florida. BSES official Dan Fischler announced today that he encourages Florida residents to take full advantage of the new offerings and to demand there be more. He believes that the peoples voice if loud enough can make significant changes in the market. "Florida has such a great potential that even our California based company is looking into it as well, however without enough rebates being offered, opportunities for growth in the market are limited. We are aware that a rebate bill will be placed on ballots for amendment of state policies and strongly encourage residents to vote yes on it for themselves, their neighbors, and the environment," explains Fischler.

The proposed ballot that will use a constitutional amendment is not favored as a policy making tactic however some feel it is the only way possible at this point with such strong opposition from lobbyist. Stephen Smith of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy explained, "If the system is broken, and we have no other way to actually get good policy in the state and allow such a positive thing as solar power to flourish, then we have to take it straight to the people." Going straight to the people is exactly what alternative energy activists will need to do. A little over 700,000 Florida residents will need to join together and sign the proposition before it even makes it onto the ballots.

The efforts of energy activists will need to be amplified by major funding due to the opposition they must face. However, BSPS and Fischler believe that there is hope for Florida's solar market and can't wait for possible expansion. Fischler explains, "We're very familiar with solar rebates here in California and feel that with such demand it should be hard to deny the people of Florida the right to benefit from similar policies that we have in California." The opposition for these rebates are major utility companies, however they're stuck in the past according to Fischler, "The giant utilities need to step up and realize it is time to own up for their excess output of harmful fossil fuels and instead of opposing alternative energy, see how it can benefit both parties and the environment for the long run."

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