SilRay Completes Rooftop Commercial Solar Array for Leading Electronics Manufacturing Partners

450.4 kW Project Expected to Save Meritronics and PalPilot $5.6 million in electricity costs

Los Altos, Calif. & MILPITAS, Calif. – February 3, 2015 – SilRay, Inc., a turnkey developer of solar power plants and an independent solar power producer, announces the completion of the first phase of a two-part commercial solar array for a 74,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Milpitas, CA. The 450.4 kW rooftop and carport installation at the facility of the ODM and OEM suppliers Meritronics and PalPilot will offset more than 50% of their electrical needs and save the companies approximately $5.6 million over 25 years. The array (one of the largest in the City of Milpitas) is the latest step in Meritronics and PalPilot's sustainability efforts and will eliminate more than 12,500 tons of carbon emissions throughout its lifetime.

The electronics manufacturing industry has reached an inflection point in greening its supply chain network. Consumer electronics giants like Apple, Microsoft and Intel are increasingly focused on supplier environmental responsibility, from where and how they source raw materials to the use of renewable energy to power factories and data centers. By getting a solar array, Meritronics and PalPilot will lower their costs while improving their competitive advantage in the contract manufacturing field as more companies audit their vendors' environmental impact.

"Our goal is to become a leading green manufacturer in the electronics assembly industry. A lot of our customers are in search of sustainable suppliers in order to mitigate climate change," said Dior Wu, EVP and Founder of Meritronics. "As a high tech manufacturer, it was a no brainer to implement leading edge clean technology on the energy side. Our nearly 40,000 square foot plant utilizes heavy equipment that draws a lot of power during peak demand, and solar provides a perfect solution to reduce our demand charges. By adopting solar, we not only secure long-term energy expenditures for the next 25 years, but also become energy independent while using clean energy to power the entire building."

"PalPilot is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, a hotbed for clean technology, so it made sense to go solar," said YC Hwang, VP and Cofounder of PalPilot. "This is the biggest initiative our company has undertaken in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. Leveraging solar energy is one way we can reduce our carbon footprint, tantamount to planting 12,000 trees or removing 100 cars from the road annually. We're proud to set an example of environmental leadership for the Silicon Valley community."

Staying cost competitive as a manufacturer in the Bay Area is mission-critical due to shrinking operating margins from global competition and new innovations. Energy use comprises 30-40% of a manufacturer's operational expenses so efficiency upgrades and solar arrays can provide drastically reduce operational costs. Given the average cost of a commercial project has dropped by more than 45% in the last two years, solar can literally add millions of dollars to a business' bottom line.

"We're pleased to partner with ODM and OEM leaders like PalPilot and Meritronics who are demonstrating their commitment to a clean energy future. The new system not only allows contract manufacturers to lower operating costs, but also promotes a more sustainable environment," says April Zhong, President and CEO of SilRay. "From the project launch date in November to completion, we expertly navigated the myriad environmental, design, engineering, financing, permitting, procurement, systems integration and construction of the rooftop installation in two months. When we propose a solar project to businesses, we always want to make sure that the payback period and return on investment meet their expectations. In most cases, the performance of our solar systems exceeds the projected production. It is very gratifying when our clients save even more on energy costs than they expected."

Phase two of the project, which includes a 60 kW solar carport and two EV charging stations, will be completed in March 2015.

About SilRay

SilRay, Inc. is an award-winning full-service commercial solar energy developer headquartered in Los Altos, California. Founded in 2007 with over 3 MW of projects in operations, SilRay provides turnkey, vertically integrated commercial solar solutions and customized financing mechanisms to fit each client's needs. SilRay uses the highest quality equipment and the most advanced system integration technologies to allow the most efficient solar energy production compared to market norms. SilRay has won numerous distinctions and awards including U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Retail Energy Firm of the Year, ASIAN, Inc. Minority Business Enterprise of the Year and Top Business. Visit SilRay online at

About Meritronics

Established in 1995, Meritronics is a global technology leader in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry with factories in California, Nevada, Taiwan, and China. Milpitas-based Meritronics provides quality contract manufacturing solutions from product concept, mechanical design, electronics design, to systems integration and production. Serving the telecommunications, semiconductor, industrial, medical equipment, wireless, military, aviation and consumer electronics industries, Meritronics is UL ISO-9001 certified, ISO-13485 certified, ITAR registered, and is lead-free RoHS compliant. Visit Meritronics online at

About PalPilot

PalPilot is a 20-year-old electronics design and engineering firm serving three core industries: Engineering Services, Substrate & PCB Fabrication, and Component Interconnect Products. PalPilot's Innovation Center provides System Engineering by offering Signal & Power Integrity Simulation, Layout, and Characterization; integrated with IC Substrate/Packaging and PCB Fabrication to optimize performance while reducing design spins and increasing speed-to-market. The company's internally developed E-Bikes and proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) utilize the Innovation Center's expertise to realize concepts into production. With a long history in R&D, PalPilot understands the unique and custom nature of the electronics industry and delivers value-adding solutions, coupled with unparalleled quality and customer service. PalPilot is online at

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