IST partners with Clean Energy Distribution LLC

Integrated Solar Technology, LLC (IST), announces its most recent strategic distribution partnership with Clean Energy Distribution, LLC.

Port Chester, NY -- Integrated Solar Technology, LLC (IST), an advanced solar product and manufacturing company based in NY, announces its most recent strategic distribution partnership with Clean Energy Distribution, LLC. Denver-based Clean Energy Distribution, LLC, a leading North American solar distributor, will offer IST's unique SunTegra™ Tile and SunTegra™ Shingle solar panels to its customers in select markets beginning in Q1 of 2015.

"We are delighted to be working with an experienced partner like Clean Energy Distribution, LLC, who sees the value in offering their customers new and innovative solar products, "said IST's founder and CEO, Oliver Koehler. "By working together we can provide homeowners, contractors and builders a viable and cost-effective way to seamlessly integrate solar into their roofs, providing them a more attractive solar system as well as extra cost savings on their electricity bills."

"In line with our commitment to offer our customers the best solar products available, we are always looking for innovative products that offer a differentiated value, " shares Clean Energy Distribution's CEO, Jesse Stubbs. "IST's SunTegra™ products have several unique design features which set them apart from other solar shingle and tile products."

IST's SunTegra™ Shingle and SunTegra™ Tile solar roof systems are attached directly to roof decking or battens and function both as a solar panel and as a roofing material. Both products are UL 1703 certified and carry a Class A fire rating.

About Integrated Solar Technology, LLC. and SunTegra™
Founded by Oliver Koehler in early 2013, Integrated Solar Technology (IST)is dedicated to offering innovative product solutions to the solar, roofing and construction industries. After almost two years of research and product development, IST officially launched its proprietary SunTegra™ Tile and SunTegra™ Shingle solar modules across the United States, obtained UL Certifications, and begun manufacturing the SunTegra™ modules on a commercial scale. The SunTegra™ modules generate clean electricity from the sun, look great, are simple to install, and provide more cost savings than conventional solar electric systems. IST partners with solar integrators, roofers, and contractors across the United States interested in offering a unique, attractive solar roof system to their residential and commercial customers. For more information, see

About Clean Energy Distribution. LLC
Clean Energy Distribution is a master supplier of solar products located in the heart of Denver, shipping worldwide.The company's commitment to its customers is revealed by its dedication to unmatched service. Clean Energy Distribution's knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, with decades of combined experience in the clean energy industry, is always willing to lend a helping hand. The company has taken professional talent in Solar Distributing, Large Manufacturing Companies & Solar Integration in order to provide the best solar distributing site in America. As a team, Clean Energy Distribution is excited to change the face of renewable energy and uphold the mission of always being available to help anyone who needs help in this new industry. Clean Energy Distribution strives to provide its customers with excellent customer service by having live representatives to assist at all times as well as an online chat through our website in order to reach us at your convenience.

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