GE Japan provides its high capacity energy storage system, gas engine for cogeneration, and LED lighting equipment energy solutions to realize the "Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan" for Sekisui House's Tohoku Factory

Sekisui House establishes a system that provides electricity for seven days to up to 250 people.

TOKYO--GE Japan (Headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President: Akihiko Kumagai) today announces the installment of its high capacity energy storage system, gas engine for cogeneration, and LED lighting equipment for the "Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan," a project that is being undertaken by Sekisui House's Tohoku Factory.

Sekisui House's Tohoku Factory proactively promotes peak cuts of electricity by placing value on economic efficiency and environmental friendliness during normal times of operation. By using the combination of a gas engine and storage battery for example, it can lower its energy contract by up to roughly 700kw (equivalent to power used by 223 households) and thus contribute to reducing the peak amount of electricity used by local communities. On the other hand, it also provides electricity to "Tohoku Sumai no Yume Kojo" that can be used for office buildings and evacuation shelters during periods of disaster.

Sekisui House establishes a system that provides electricity for seven days to up to 250 people. This makes it possible to secure essentials such as water and gas and it is also equipped with food and other miscellaneous items to realize the advanced "Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan" project.

To realize cuts in peak electricity usage during normal periods and secure energy when disasters occur, GE Japan completed the installation of its large-scale energy storage system, gas engine for cogeneration, and LED lighting equipment to the factory and office buildings.

There are no other facilities in Japan that have introduced and integrated three kinds of energy systems. Sekisui House's Tohoku Factory will be the first built to have done this through the integration of its high capacity energy storage system, gas engine, and the already installed solar power generator with an output of 720kW. (Solar power generation collaborations are scheduled to be completed in the second construction period.)

"Sekisui House is working together with Shikama City in Miyagi Prefecture and the regional administration through a private-public partnership that promotes regional disaster preparedness measures," said Sekisui House's Tohoku Factory manager. "In order to realize the concept of a "Future Disaster-Proof Factory" that is eco-friendly during normal times, durable during disasters, and safe and secure for both local communities and companies, GE's solutions are the best. GE energy storage system was particularly attractive for this product since it has technological strength and reliability through its high capacity and very compact size that requires only half of the installation space when compared to a lead-acid battery with the same capacity."

"From the bottom of our hearts, we are delighted that our energy storage system, gas engine, and LED lighting equipment were selected for such an advanced project by Sekisui House that aims to create a city that is resilient against disasters through the collaboration of both public and private entities in Miyagi Prefecture, a prefecture that GE is partnered with to create sustainable cities," said Akihiko Kumagai, President and CEO of GE Japan. "We will continue proposing the appropriate solutions to disaster prevention facilities across Japan in order to correspond to various situations that arise during both normal and disaster times."

Tohoku Factory, a regional disaster prevention facility that Sekisui House built cooperatively through a public-private partnership with Shikama City in Miyagi Prefecture, has been designated as an inspection site for a study tour (an official inspection of an area affected by disaster) that will be implemented as a project related to the "3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai" (Organizer: United Nations; Date: Sat, March 14, 2015 – Wed, March 18, 2015).

The factory will be open for facility tours after the study tour has been completed. For more details, please refer to the website or contact Sekisui House for inquiries. (Please refer to the website of the "Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan": (

The main features of the GE products introduced are:

1. High capacity energy storage system: 2 Megawatts per hour (MWh), 500kW output

As this is a module battery storage solution with great expandability, the cabinet boasts a long battery life cycle, requires minimal maintenance, and does not require external cooling or heating facilities.

2. Cogeneration gas engine: VGF H24GSID / 225KW power output

The gas engine realized a total thermal efficiency of between 75% and 80% through the Waukesha gas engine that is usable with cogeneration operations, and simultaneously produces electricity and warm water. It boasts high environmental friendliness with NOx concentrations below 40ppm and high performance for disaster situations through its prompt booting after blackouts.

3. LED lighting equipment: 491 units inside factory, 130 units inside office

LED lighting equipment promotes superior energy saving performance and eco-friendliness by conserving 70% of the factory's energy. In addition to the office, cafeteria, and guestrooms, GE also installed solar LED street lights throughout the factory grounds.

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