Cogenra Breaks Through the 400W Module Power Barrier

400W peak power achieved in a 72-cell format panel using DCI technology on commercially available mono-crystalline cells ---- An unprecedented 352W achieved for multi-crystalline cells

FREMONT, Calif.--Cogenra Solar, a manufacturer of innovative, low cost and high reliability PV panels and systems, today announced that its modules have broken two world records, achieving unprecedented power levels using commercially available, unsorted photovoltaic (PV) solar cells and its propriety high-volume Dense Cell Interconnect (DCI) process. By delivering unprecedented power per module, Cogenra is driving down balance of system (BOS) and soft costs to unlock the next phase of solar growth.

"The era of module efficiency has arrived," said Cogenra Solar CEO and founder, Dr. Gilad Almogy. "In recent years, scale has been the main driver of cost reductions. Now is the time for the solar industry to revisit performance innovations to continue driving down the cost of solar and drive market expansion. Cogenra is ushering in this new era with innovative module technology that leverages the nearly 60GW of existing low-cost cell capacity."

Cogenra modules reached 400W peak power using front-contact mono-crystalline silicon cells and 352W using multi-crystalline cells, representing a nearly 15 percent boost over current 72-cell format modules. These world records were independently verified by the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) and build on Cogenra's previously announced records for 60-cell format modules.

"Cogenra's higher module power enables us to get more power off of the roof, reducing overall installation costs and better meeting the customers' energy demands," said Patrick Sterns, VP of Commercial Sales at Solar Technologies in San Ramon, CA. "Combined with a compelling price point, impressive reliability and gorgeous aesthetics, we see strong demand for Cogenra's technology with our customers."

Current solar modules use ribbon interconnects, which shade the silicon cells from sunlight, lead to resistance losses and are a major source of power degradation. Cogenra's patent-pending DCI technology rewires the PV module by efficiently connecting cells on the module, eliminating the need for ribbons, solder-joints and inter-cell gaps. As a result, DCI modules achieve a range of benefits, including:

* Power: 15 percent more power per panel reduces BOS and installation costs.
* Reliability: Better withstands thermal cycling, hotspots, mechanical loads and external shading, drastically reducing module degradation and leading to superior lifetime project returns.
* Aesthetics: Eliminates ribbons and inter-cell gaps for an attractive all black appearance.
* Scalability: DCI technology is compatible with nearly 95% of the global PV capacity and achieves a performance leap without requiring new investment in cell lines

Cogenra is currently ramping up California-based production line, with DCI modules available in volume starting in April. Cogenra's DCI technology is field proven, and is currently in operation in a 1MW solar array at University of Arizona's SolarZone.

About Cogenra
Cogenra Solar is a manufacturer of innovative, low cost and high reliability PV panel and systems. The Dense Cell Interconnect (DCI) technology was originally developed to maximize the performance, output and reliability of Cogenra's low concentration PV systems. The break-through DCI technology has gone through extensive internal and third-party testing to prove its superior reliability and performance. Cogenra is headquartered in Fremont, Calif. For further information, visit

About Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC):
RETC, LLC (Renewable Energy Test Center, LLC) is an engineering services, and certification testing provider for photovoltaic and renewable energy products. RETC is TV SD's exclusive PV Test Laboratory in North America and Global Partner complementing its strategy to deliver a One-Stop-Shop capabilities for the growth of PV testing and certification services. RETC is ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA, an ILAC affiliated laboratory, and awarded a CBTL status, the highest accreditation in IEC scheme. RETC offers Outdoor Endurance and Long Term Performance testing capabilities at its Nevada and Philippines test sites. RETC brings value from R&D - to Market Entry - to Bankability, focusing on providing "Unequaled Time-to-Market" as a key component of Customer Value-Chain.

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