E-twow displays at Berlin the eco-friendly electric kick scooter

Did you ever wish for an innovative, green mode of transportation? Then, by all means, access e-twow.com and discover the vehicle of the future.

E-twow is an environmentally friendly electric kick scooter recently launched on the market. The vehicle is the lightest ever manufactured weighing only 10.7 kg (23 lbs). Moreover, it is the most economical in the history of the electric transportation industry with an energy consumption of only 6.15 Wh/km. E-twow is conceived and built as a mode of transportation that protects the environment from the impact of harmful gases: it requires absolutely no fuel and it has zero emissions. This represents an ideal way of moving around from one place to another in an entirely eco-friendly manner and an opportunity for people to significantly improve their urban mobility. E-twow can be ridden on the sidewalks, in bicycle lanes and on private streets.

The e scooter, already available for purchase worldwide, will be showcased by the company on the occasion of the VELO trade fair in Berlin. The trade fair is at its fifth edition and will last for two days, on 21 and 22 of March. Along with other electric vehicle makers, E-twow will also be present and offer people who are passionate about green transportation the opportunity to see, discuss and find out more information about this innovative product. Participants will have the chance to see the vehicle and discover the innovative and clean technologies used in the manufacturing process. E-twow is the first scooter of this type to implement the revolutionary KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) technology, used so successfully in Formula 1, and also the magnetic brake designed to generate a truly smooth and comfortable ride.

For complete comfort, E-twow is equipped with a shock absorbing system. This system is specially built to absorb all the vibrations from the rough terrain, to significantly reduce the noise caused by friction and implicitly provide a stable and safe ride no matter the user's level of experience on a two wheel scooter. E-twow is designed for two main purposes, as an ecological mode of transportation for the present and the future and as a way of helping the population to improve its urban mobility. To that effect the vehicle is equipped with everything necessary in order to generate a truly satisfactory ride. E-twow has a LED light sensor which is automatically turned on when the light is poor, a cruise control function which allows the user to personally set up the desired speed and an entirely digital display that shows all information: the riding distance, the speed, the battery level, as well as time and temperature.

The E-twow electric scooter represents an eco-friendly way of moving around without having to lose precious time in traffic jams or searching for a parking space. Thanks to the fact that it is very light and it enjoys a fast folding system, E-twow is quite easy to carry and store. As a fully portable vehicle, it is optimal for those who want to take a relaxing stroll in the park and at the same time for working employees who have to commute on a daily basis. It is a dependable, effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

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