Sakura Batteries UK develops Battery Extra to extend battery life.

Engineers at Sakura Batteries UK have spent the last two years developing a product, the Battery Extra EX02, to extend the life of deep-cycle batteries, typically used in off grid solar and wind power systems. The weak link in off grid systems is the premature and costly failure of the batteries

Engineers at Sakura Batteries UK have spent the last two years developing a product, the Battery Extra EX02, to extend the life of deep-cycle batteries, typically used in off grid solar and wind power systems. It has long been known that the weak link in off grid systems is the premature and costly failure of the lead acid batteries. All research has shown that more than 80% of these failures are due to sulphate build up on the battery plates. This is generally caused by the regular use of batteries before they are fully charged.


Off grid solar battery banks are particularly susceptible to battery suphation. During battery discharge, sulphuric acid is consumed and some lead sulphate can form on the plates. If the battery remains in a partially discharged condition, this lead sulphate will turn into hard crystals. This process, called "lead sulphation," causes the crystals to build up over time, increasing the internal resistance of the battery and lowering the specific gravity. This reduces capacity and results in premature failure. Sulphation from undercharging of the battery is the leading cause of battery failure in solar systems.
Normal charging of the battery will convert the sulphate back to active material, if the battery
is fully recharged before every use. However, a solar battery is often not completely recharged before it is called into action. This can be because the panels are undersized or poor weather conditions. To try to solve this problem many solar battery charge controllers employ an automatic equalization program, in effect a controlled over charge. Depending on the model this program may be pre-set to operate say once a month, or may be manually set by the user. In either case this is OK if the program runs on a sunny day, when the amount of input energy can fully recharge the battery plus the additional overcharge. Unfortunately this is often not the case.


Over the years many devices have been developed to control or eliminate sulphate build up on lead acid batteries. It is fair to say that some work and many don't, and those that do have generally been made for single batteries or small battery banks.

The Battery Extra EX02 was developed in the United Kingdom by Sakura Batteries UK, using the very latest available electronic technology, specifically for the larger battery banks, up to 3,000 Ah, found in off grid systems. Sakura have designed and built an economically priced, powerful and very compact desulphator, that is able to fully clean both the negative and positive battery plates of all the sulphate crystal build up, without the need for the damaging high voltage spikes, keeping them in top condition, ensuring they have the maximum possible lifespan. It works during both the charge and discharge phase of the battery cycle. The Battery Extra EX02 will also recover sulphated batteries, returning them to a fully working condition.

The Battery Extra EX02 works by creating a wide range of radio frequency signals coupled with a voltage pulse, and sending them to the battery, these are designed to gradually dissolve the sulphate crystals, which build up on the plates of the batteries. It is this sulphate build up that reduces the batteries capacity. Gently dissolving the sulphate crystals back into the electrolyte, lowers the internal resistance of the battery, and raises the specific gravity. This will keep, or return, batteries to their maximum capacity.

Sakura are so confident in the quality and ability of the Battery Extra to improve the performance of deep cycle batteries that they offer a 60 day full money back guarantee including the return costs. Brian Burton, sales director of Sakura Batteries said "In effect we are offering a free trial of our product, no ifs or buts, if the Battery Extra EX02 desulphator does not improve the performance of your batteries, we give you your money back. Plus we offer an extended three year warrantee with all Battery Extra desulphator products".

For more information on the Battery Extra please visit Sakura Batteries UK website

Note: The battery Extra is not a battery charger; it works in conjunction with an existing charger set up and will not interfere with its performance. Also the Battery Extra will not recover batteries that have internal damage; however should you find your battery is damaged and cannot be recovered you can still be sent back for a refund.

Price Guide: Battery Extra EX02 from PST£ 89.00 US$ 139.00 Ä124.00

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