“Best of inutec German PV Trainings & Exercises”, April 14-16, 2015 in Manila, Phils.

This workshop is intended for decision maker of solar companies and their teams. Also multiplier persons like architects, trade representatives will learn how to start, earn and make life worth living with clean sun energy. The training is designed to empower the participants, allow them insights and make them successful in the design and use an infinite, clean and independent solar energy. This workshop aims to transfer the experience and knowledge in PV gained from the global leader Germany.

In 3 days, you will work out about:

Day One
1. Why solar energy?
- facts, pros and cons of PV
2. Sunlight becomes electricity
- design and calculation fundamentals
- performance and yield, global radiation, the technical units
- diffuse and direct radiation, radiation maps and data
- daily insolation, peak sun hours, azimuth and tilt angle
- Group tasks: Knowledge transfer to the practice
3. Electrical basics to understand the correlations
- electrical basics, current, voltage, electric power, yield, series or
parallel circuits for PV- cells/modules
- standard test conditions (STC),
- practical exercises (individual and in small groups)
4. Solar modules and their properties
- module technology types & characteristic values guarantee,
quality, testing criteria, module comparison, aging mechanism
5. Inverters and their properties
- inverter types, inverter concepts, MPP-Tracking
- aging mechanism
- Group tasks: Knowledge transfer to the practice
6. On - and Off-Grid Systems and their properties
- the most cost effective systems and solutions
- grid parallel-, net metering-, back up-, stand-alone solutions
- costs- and returns, ROI, financial analyzes
- practical exercise: net metering, fuel saver and on grid feed in
Day Two
7. Shading
- technical background, practical examples and impacts
- measurement and yield forecast, possible solutions
- exercise: minimize the effect of shadows
8. Some principals about the installation of PV arrays
- overview, installation rules
- first design roles roof, free field and modules and inverter
Partnership Session
- presentation of the partnership scheme and its possibilities
- decision maker consultation and agreement
Day Two and Three
9. Designing PV arrays
- place your system on the roof and free field, rows, row distance, security distances
- choose the right inverter facing technical and financial aspects
- DC cabling, strings, MPP Tracking, cross section, string plan
- bill of material, quotation and Pay Back Period
- design a Stand Alone system in a glance: daily energy demand,
PV Generator, Batteries, inverter charger
- design a Back-Up system in a glance: energy demand, modules, battery, inverter charger.
During this session you will learn the design fundamentals without using software. Then we will use some helpful free software tools but also the and the world leading PV design and analyze software PVSOL Premium 7.0. BRING YOUR LAPTOP AND CHARGER!
10. Certificate Award

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