Gas Flaring :a burning isssue in the Middle East

Industry peers from oil and gas industry to discuss the importance of flare gas recovery in Abu Dhabi.

29th March 2015, Abu Dhabi: Middle East being the second largest region after Russia to have the largest gas reserves, it has become a challenge for oil companies to manage gas emissions and utilize natural gas to its optimum capacity. According to The World Bank, the Middle East and North African regions have the second highest concentration of gas flaring. Low natural gas prices and higher costs related to capturing flare gas in the Middle East inadvertently encourage wasteful burning of unused gas.

The flare rate in the Middle East region records around 30 BCM (Billion Cubic Metres) of associated gases, which is enough to feed a 20 MT LNG plant or 5 medium sized LNG trains. Due to increasing demand for gas in the region, companies have been working constantly on developing innovative methods and requisite strategies as per environmental regulations to avoid flaring and instead recovering these associated gases to reuse as fuel or sell it as feedstock. Recovering and utilizing this gas has gained utmost importance in order to avoid any harm caused to the environment.

The 2nd Annual Gas Flaring Management Summit, with the support of the Ministry of Energy, UAE, will highlight the growing importance of flare gas recovery and formulation of strategies to reduce the greenhouse emissions. It will focus on some intriguing topics such as transformation of waste gases to profitable commodities, innovation in analytical techniques and recovery equipments and analytical techniques for reducing gas emissions.

The two day conference to be held on 12-13 Of May 2015 at Abu Dhabi, UAE will have speakers representing organizations like the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Saudi Aramco, Takreer, ADMA OPCO, Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company, Ras Gas, Abu Qir Petroleum and Dana Petroleum.

The event is sponsored by leading solution providers to the oil and gas industry, namely Flowserve, DNV GL, The Sniffers, Flaretech, Nash and Flex Energy.

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