Endura Energy Project Corp. Announces the Completion of two Commercial Solar Power Plants in the Greater Toronto Area

Endura Energy Project Corp. (“Endura Energy”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the turnkey construction of another 1.2 MW of rooftop solar energy projects in the Greater Toronto Area on behalf of the developers, Endura Energy Developments Inc. and SolarShare Co-op.

Toronto, ON May 14, 2015

The two rooftop solar projects are located in commercial urban areas at 80 Van Kirk Drive and 30 Midair Court, Brampton, Ontario. Suburbs like Brampton are ideal for solar installation because the roofs of the industrial buildings can accommodate larger systems. Additionally, solar rooftop systems provide the power right in these commercial zones which have high power requirements.

"Working with a firm as professional and with as much integrity as Endura has made it much easier and more efficient to get these multi-million dollar projects built" said Mike Brigham, President of the SolarShare Co-op. "We strive for extremely high engineering and build quality in a market often focused on just building at the lowest possible price, and Endura is well suited to our needs".

"Endura is so proud of its involvement in these projects alongside our partner and client, SolarShare. From signing the first lease with the landlords to the final commissioning, it has been a tremendous team effort." stated Cameron Steinman, President of Endura Energy Project Corp. and Director of Endura Energy Developments Inc.

These mark the third and fourth projects commissioned in a portfolio of 2.7 MW of projects developed in partnership between Endura Energy Developments Inc. and the SolarShare Co-op under the provinces feed-in-tariff (FIT) program whereby solar projects sell the power they generate under a fixed price 20 year contract. The portfolio, which comprises of five rooftop projects across the Greater Toronto Area, is expected to be fully commissioned by summer 2015.

About Endura Energy Project Corp.
Endura Energy designs, builds and consults on the development of medium and large scale solar energy systems. Since 2009, we have been responsible for advising on or implementing over 220 MW of solar photovoltaic ("PV") systems. Endura Energy has developed a reputation for providing best-in-class services in all aspects of design and construction of PV systems. Endura Energy has established a successful track record of providing solutions to its clients in all stages of the solar PV project design-build lifecycle including: consulting and project management; engineering and design; turn-key construction; and development.

For further information, please visit Endura Energys web site at http://www.enduraenergy.ca or contact Robert van Duynhoven, Managing Director, at (416) 309-8720 or info(at)enduraenergy(dot)ca.

About Endura Energy Developments Inc.
Endura Energy Developments Inc. is an Ontario-based solar PV developer that was established in 2009. It is jointly owned by an affiliate of Endura Energy Project Corp., solar-focused engineering, project management and consulting company based in Toronto, and a 100% owned subsidiary of Soventix Canada Inc., a global solar development company headquartered in Germany. Endura Energy Developments Inc. and its owners have designed, consulted and developed a number of solar PV projects across Ontario.

About SolarShare
SolarShare is a non-profit co-operative that enables Ontarians to invest in community-based solar energy installations across the province. By offering bonds backed by large solar systems, SolarShare provides financial, environmental, and social returns to its members, generating a reasonable return from investments in projects and engaging local communities. SolarShare is a project of TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative, a non-profit co-operative incorporated in 1998. The SolarShare and TREC teams have an exceptional reputation for solar business excellence and a values-based commitment to community renewable energy.

For further information, please visit http://www.solarbonds.ca or contact Julie Leach, Community Investment & Marketing Manager, at (416) 977-7363 or news(at)solarbonds(dot)ca.

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