Infocast Announces the 3rd Advanced Battery Outlook this July

Key Players Discuss the Fastest Growing, Most Disruptive Applications for Energy Storage

Los Angeles, CA May 26, 2015

Infocast, the leading business intelligence and networking events producer in the storage and emerging technology industries, has announced the 3rd Advanced Battery Outlook, scheduled on July 21-23, 2015 in Long Beach, CA at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.

Advances in battery technology has started to change the way consumers think about energy, as electrical energy storage is a pervasive enabler across all high tech industries. Now more than ever, electrical applications are premised on ever-cheaper, lighter, higher density, faster charging, and longer-lasting batteries. These demands are driving furious R&D, and in turn advances in performance are enabling ever-diversifying, unique applications. Solid state and flexible form factors are allowing previously unimaginable uses, like wearable computing and distributed sensing, for both consumers and enterprises.

Infocast, the creators of the highly successful StorageWeek, have organized the 3rd Advanced Battery Outlook to provide an opportunity for industry experts across different sectors to come together and provide a comprehensive, niche-by-niche, application-by-application market outlook for emerging storage needs. Speakers from BMW of North America, Volkswagen of America, GE Aviation, NECCES EFRC, Suny at Binghamton, US Department of Energy, Google+Skybox Imaging and more will be on-hand to address developing storage requirements, the future of lithium batteries and evolving energy storage needs for advanced aerospace and EVs. Industry leaders will discuss challenges and opportunities that are presented by todays hottest applications across various high tech industries such as wearables & Internet of Things, UAVs, SmallSats, personal electric aircraft, EVs, customer-sited stationary or EV-based storage, and local microgrids.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with C-suite officers at Advanced Battery companies, directors of market and business development at battery vendors, startups, equipment suppliers, venture investors and CTOs from contract manufacturers to discuss the latest updates on the advances in battery technology. Attendees will better understand how to calibrate their product for specific user/application requirements and stay on top of how new batteries will integrate into existing systems in order to profit from the most disruptive and fastest-growing niches!

For more information, to register, or to join as a sponsor, visit the event website at or contact Infocast at 818-888-4444.

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