Ontario Solar Provider Completes Construction of Calvary Church Photovoltaic Project

Ontario Solar Provider (OSP), Calvary Church, and Métis Nation of Ontario - BrightRoof Solar celebrate the completion of a 190 kW solar project installed on the roof of the Pentecostal parish building in Peterborough, Ontario.

Today, Ontario Solar Provider (OSP), Calvary Church, and Métis Nation of Ontario - BrightRoof Solar celebrate the completion of a 190 kW solar project installed on the roof of the Pentecostal parish building in Peterborough, Ontario. The 190 kW system will deliver more than 265 megawatt hours of clean electricity to the Ontario power grid each year, which is enough energy to power over 26 homes. The project will reduce the emissions footprint of Ontarios electricity system by approximately 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Ontario Solar Provider developed, engineered and installed the solar project located at 1421 Lansdowne Street West. It is OSPs first solar project in Peterborough.

In order to maximize output, the solar power system is entirely located on the south-facing portions of the church roof. Given the varying roof angles and sections, special attention was taken to the design of the system. By combining different solar modules and racking systems, OSPs engineers were able to design a system that suits the unique features of the building.

"We are very appreciative of the care and attention to detail that Ontario Solar Provider has given throughout the duration of this project. Their use of a ballasted racking system has kept the integrity of our roof warranty intact, which gives us peace of mind for years to come." said Paul Malott, Lead Pastor at Calvary Church.

The solar plant is fitted with components manufactured in Ontario. The solar modules were assembled in Guelph by Canadian Solar Solutions, the DC to AC inverters were assembled in London by KACO new energy, and the EkonoRack and SeamRack mounting systems were designed and manufactured in Toronto by KB Racking.

Calvary Church is a shining example of an organization taking advantage of Ontarios Feed-In Tariff program for solar power. Started in 2009 by the Government of Ontario, this program allows individuals and companies to develop renewable energy projects connected to Ontarios power grid, while receiving a fixed price per kilowatt hour for the energy produced. Rather than having to pay for the upfront cost of the system, Calvary Church is leasing its roof to Métis Nation of Ontario - BrightRoof Solar (MNO-BR), a limited partnership that owns more than 30 such solar projects across the province.

"Projects like this solar installation at Calvary Church are a great example of how property owners are partnering with solar developers to leverage their unused rooftops, generating additional revenue for their organizations while supporting the development of renewable energy projects across Ontario." said Sebastian Seyfarth, President of Ontario Solar Provider.

About Ontario Solar Provider

Ontario Solar Provider specializes in the development, financing, engineering and construction of large-scale rooftop solar installations and portfolios under Ontarios Feed-in-Tariff program. Having completed more than 100 commercial-scale solar projects in Ontario representing in excess of 50 MW of installed capacity, Ontario Solar Provider is one of the leading fully integrated solar PV companies in Ontario. OSP offers turnkey solar rooftop solutions that enable commercial and industrial property owners to support the development of renewable energy, earn additional revenue, and help create cleaner, healthier and more prosperous communities. Property owners can learn more and request a preliminary solar assessment at www.ontariosp.com

About Calvary Church

Calvary Church has been serving the Peterborough, Ontario community since the 1950s. The church developed out of a desire to help the children in the south end of Peterborough with their physical and spiritual needs. Whether it be serving people through their Sunday services or mid-week programs, or serving the community through their facilities or service projects, Calvary has expanded its focus of helping people of all generations both physically and spiritually. http://yourmeetingplace.ca/

About Métis Nation of Ontario - BrightRoof Solar LP

MNO-BR is a partnership between the Métis Nation of Ontario, which is the recognized governance structure of Métis citizens and communities throughout Ontario, and BrightRoof Solar LP. Based in Toronto, BrightRoof was established in response to the Ontario governments attractive Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program for renewable energy and in the past four years it has become a leading owner and operator of solar PV systems located across the province.


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Métis Nation of Ontario - BrightRoof Solar LP
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