SPI 15 - National Thought Leaders to Present on Today's Clean Energy Issues & Trends During IREC's 3iForum at Solar Power International

"An encore to the standing-room-only sessions the past two years, IREC again brings some of the nation's most involved clean energy thought leaders to Solar Power International attendees, with informative insight to keep current with the rapidly changing issues, successes and challenges of today's solar industry," says Larry Sherwood, IREC vice president and COO. "The experts will also share forecasts and recommendations - based on best practices which in many cases they have helped shape."

IREC's 2015 3iForum - Information. Insight. Innovation. - offers insightful 30-minute sessions from IREC's regulatory and workforce thought leaders, on the exhibition floor in the Solar Industry Trends booth #3717 at Solar Power International, September 15-17, 2015, Anaheim Convention Center.

Sessions include:

Tuesday, September 15
2:30 pm - Solar's Regulatory World - What it all Means. A primer on the critical and wonky world of rules and regulations. Insight into the latest regulatory trends, state actions and best practices, and what it all means for the national solar market. Sara Baldwin Auck, IREC

3:00 pm - Scaling Shared Solar: Reaching New Markets, Seizing New Opportunities.
More states are looking to shared/community solar to expand access to solar energy. What's happening to scale the model to reach more consumers and new markets, including low-income customers? What challenges are on the horizon? Erica Schroeder McConnell, IREC/Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP

3:30 pm - Valuing Customer-Sited Solar and Storage: Is Adding Batteries Worth It?
Distributed solar valuation studies are cropping up in states across the country, but what happens to that value proposition when you introduce energy storage? A new Solar + Storage Valuation report prepared for IREC by Clean Power Research (CPR) is an important first step in addressing that underlying question. Jason Keyes, IREC/Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP

Wednesday, September 16
4:00 pm - IREC's National 3iAwards Ceremony, for Innovation, Ingenuity and Inspiration, including Special Recognition Awards to IREC's 2015 Action Heroes and a Lifetime Achievement Award presentation.

Thursday, September 17
10:30 am - Growing State Energy Storage Markets with Proactive Regulatory Policies.
The distributed energy storage market is still in its infancy. There is a significant need for regulatory guidance and proactive policies to ensure a smooth integration into the existing electrical system. IREC has identified key regulatory changes that states may want to consider in the near term in order to maximize the benefits of storage and promote sustainable markets. Sky Stanfield, IREC/Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP

11:00 am - Solar Jobs: Next Gen Tools. The solar job market is booming - as is demand for quality workers in allied industries. Come see the latest interactive digital platforms for training, "upskilling" and mapping solar careers. Joe Sarubbi, IREC

11:30 am - Anticipating Solar Growth: the Critical Role of Interconnection in New and Established Solar Markets. As states and utilities grapple with increasing penetrations of solar and other renewables, and as outdated standards bump into rapidly evolving technologies, best practice interconnection processes hold the key to the future for existing and emerging markets alike. Learn more about what's happening nationally and which elements regulators should be considering to prevent pitfalls and align state standards with best practices. Sky Stanfield, IREC/Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP

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