SPI 15 - Reliable Power for Renewable Energy Applications with Trojan Deep-Cycle Batteries

Solar Power International: Booth 4334

ANAHEIM, Calif., Sept. 10, 2015 - Trojan Battery, Co. LLC is showcasing its

advanced deep-cycle battery technologies for renewable energy, remote
telecom and backup power applications at booth 4334 during Solar Power
International being held in Anaheim, Calif., Sept. 14 - 17. Listed below
are the news highlights which will be showcased at Trojan's booth.

News Highlights:
. Trojan opens new research and development (R&D) center in Sligo,
Ireland located on the campus of the Institute of Technology, Sligo at its
Innovation Centre.
. Smart CarbonT addresses the impact of Partial State of Charge (PSOC)
on cycling batteries in renewable energy, inverter backup and remote telecom
applications. Smart Carbon is Trojan's proprietary formula offering
improved performance when the batteries operate in PSOC.
. ReliantT AGM with C-Max TechnologyT is the industry's first true
deep-cycle AGM battery and is manufactured in the U.S., which maximizes
sustained performance and increases total energy output to meet demanding
deep-cycling requirements in Trojan's wide range of market applications,
including renewable energy.
. New "Trojan Tips" video addressing ReliantT AGM with C-Max
TechnologyT is available on Trojan's website.

Trojan Opens R&D Center in Ireland
Trojan Battery Ireland will focus on R&D of advanced material additives,
fundamental electrochemistry and other innovative technologies which will
play a role in the continued advancement of Trojan batteries. These
developments will enhance Trojan's battery offerings for its foundational
and emerging market segments. In addition, the Advanced Materials Centre
will enable Trojan to introduce ground-breaking advancements in deep-cycle
battery technology more quickly. Trojan has appointed two research
scientists to manage various Trojan projects at the new Sligo R&D facility.
Read more at www.trojanbattery.com/news-room.

Smart Carbon
Smart Carbon is a standard feature in Trojan's Industrial and Premium
flooded battery lines and enhances overall battery life in applications
where batteries are under charged on a regular basis. Along with increased
life in PSOC environments, Trojan's Smart Carbon proprietary formula also
provides improved charge acceptance and faster recharge in PSOC
applications. To learn more about Trojan batteries for the renewable energy
market, please visit

Reliant AGM
Reliant AGM is designed for use in a variety of deep-cycle applications
including aerial work platform, floor cleaning, golf, material handling,
recreation, renewable energy, backup power and remote telecom. It is a true
deep-cycling AGM battery unlike most AGM batteries on the market today,
which are designed for dual-purpose or standby applications, such as UPS
backup. Trojan has focused on deep-cycle technology longer than any other
battery manufacturer in the industry and has utilized its extensive
expertise and knowledge in developing the industry's most reliable
deep-cycle AGM battery. To read more, please visit Trojan's Newsroom at

Trojan Tips
Trojan also posted its latest video in the "Trojan Tips" video tutorial
series addressing the company's newest battery, Reliant AGM with C-Max
Technology. The Reliant AGM video provides in-depth information on the
battery's unique design and technology. To view this and the other Trojan
Tips videos, please visit www.trojanbattery.com/multimedia.

About Trojan Battery Company
Trojan Battery is the world's leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries
and a battery technology pioneer, having built the first golf car battery in
1952. Trojan batteries provide power for a wide variety of applications that
require deep-cycle battery performance, including aerial work platform,
floor cleaning equipment, golf and utility vehicles, marine/RV, material
handling, oil/gas, remote telecom and renewable energy.

Founded in 1925, the company is ISO 9001:2008 certified with operations in
California and Georgia. The company also maintains two of the largest and
most extensive research and development centers in North America, and opened
a third R&D facility in Sligo, Ireland at IT Sligo. These R&D centers are
dedicated to engineering new and advanced battery technology. For more
information on Trojan Battery Co., visit www.trojanbattery.com.

Follow Trojan Battery:
o Facebook: www.facebook.com/TrojanBatteryCompany
o Twitter: @Trojan_Battery
o Hashtag: #TrojanBattery
o LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/trojan-battery-company
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