SPI - 2015 - Locus Energy Transforms Solar Monitoring Market with Major Financial Backing from Genscape, Part of DMGT's $4 Billion Market Cap Portfolio

Launches New Migration-Without-Interruption Service to Deliver Seamless Transition of O&M Software and Billing Data

September 15, 2015, Hoboken, NJ - Locus Energy, a leading solar photovoltaic (PV) performance monitoring and data analytics provider, today announced its acquisition by Genscape, the global leader in energy monitoring data and intelligence.

"Energy monitoring is Genscapes core business, so the synergy between our two companies couldnt be better," says Matthew Burkley, Chief Executive Officer of Genscape. "We intend to leverage the substantial financial resources of our parent company in the solar monitoring space for a long time to come."

As a leading provider of energy data and intelligence, the addition of Locus solar PV monitoring business to Genscapes existing product portfolio will deliver exceptional value to a broader set of end-users and customers. Over the past few years, solar PV has matured as both a technology and an industry. Recent events, however, have emphasized the need for a mature, financially stable, longer-term solution to help the industry achieve more sustainable, aggressive growth. Over the short-term, customers are increasingly demanding improved technical support and customer service, as well as far less costly and time-consuming migration options.

"The timing couldnt be better," says Michael Herzig, Chief Executive Officer of Locus Energy. "We share the same core value of delivering a customer experience that is second to none, combined with exceptional long-term financial security."

Up to this point, undertaking a solar PV monitoring vendor switch had been exceptionally time-consuming, costly, and invasive. In response to these new demands, Locus and Genscape are now launching a rapid Migration-Without-Interruption Service, which transforms how system users can migrate to Locus.

"Locus did in two days what other monitoring vendors will take weeks to complete," says Andrew Goldin, Senior Vice President of EPC Operations with Cenergy Power. "Bottom line: Locus value is unbeatable."

To learn more, register now for the no cost Migration-Without-Interruption Service and obtain an exceptional level of new benefits and customer analysis. New customers will be eligible to receive a complimentary trial of some of Locus most advanced analytics and data features. Visit: www.locusenergy.com/migration or call + 1 212 500 0097.

About Locus Energy
Locus Energy is a solar monitoring and data analytics platform provider for the solar photovoltaic (PV) market spanning the residential, commercial, and utility sectors, with over 75,000 systems deployed across North America. Locus Energys cloud-based software aggregates, organizes, and analyzes performance data from multiple sources, making it easier to access, manage, and identify the causes of a solar systems failure to meet performance expectations. With a deep intellectual property portfolio, Locus Energy provides many of the largest utilities, capital providers, equipment manufacturers, and asset managers with sophisticated software to track performance across large portfolios of solar installations. Locus Energys corporate headquarters are in Hoboken, NJ, and its technology headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. Locus Energy is an affiliate of Genscape, the premier global commodity and energy information Services Company. For more information on Locus Energy, please visit: www.locusenergy.com

About Genscape
Genscape is the leading global provider of real-time data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets, driven to improve market transparency and efficiency. With thousands of patented monitors strategically deployed worldwide, Genscape is unique in its ability to collect and report proprietary market fundamentals in real-time or near real-time. Genscape delivers innovative solutions across a number of asset classes including: Oil, Power, Natural Gas and LNG, Agriculture, Petrochemical and NGLs, Maritime, and Renewables. Genscape clients often gain important insights, improve risk management, or increase operational efficiency. For more information, please visit: www.genscape.com

About DMGT
DMGT is an international portfolio of entrepreneurial businesses built on a family heritage in media. We deliver news, entertainment, information, analysis, events, and insight to consumers and businesses. The company employs more than 9,600 people and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It generated revenues of £1,864m and profit before tax of £291m in the year to September 2014. DMGT supplies high-value information to the insurance, property, energy, education, and finance sectors, operates highly successful events and attracts a growing, global audience to its media activities. DMGT aims to provide the highest quality information, insight, and services to attractive growth markets in innovative ways, building on a track record of earnings and dividend growth. For more information on DMGT, please visit: www.dmgt.com

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