SPI 15 - Ampt Expands Product Line with New String Optimizer to Extend Cost Savings Advantage on Large-Scale PV Systems

Introduction of highest power density and lowest cost DC optimizer in the market establishes Ampt as technology leader for large-scale PV systems

ANAHEIM, Calif., Sept. 15, 2015 -- Solar Power International - Ampt, a leader in power conversion technology for solar power plant optimization, today announced the launch of their V1000 line of String Optimizers. Ampt's new String Optimizers are DC/DC power converters designed to increase the overall value of 1000 volt large-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems. Ampt is showcasing the V1000 String Optimizer during Solar Power International 2015 at their booth (#6645).

Ampt's V1000 String Optimizer represents a major step forward in power conversion technology for PV solar power plants. The V1000 has four times the power density of other DC optimizers. In addition, the V1000 optimizers increase the power density of the entire PV electrical system by getting double the power onto every cable and combiner box, as well as enabling a 50 percent higher rated power inverter. The result is a significant upfront savings in total system cost.

"With the availability of our new line of V1000 optimizers, utility-scale projects will be built at a lower cost, providing immediate return on investment to our customers," said Levent Gun, CEO of Ampt. "In addition to cost optimization, the V1000 also enables our customers to produce maximum energy from the system to increase annual revenues. Cost savings plus higher revenues is a powerful combination for developers and their investors."

The new V1000 series of String Optimizers adds to Ampt's existing V600 product line up. Customers should now specify the V1000 optimizers for use in 1000 volt systems to achieve further cost savings in cabling, combiners and inverters. For 600 volt DC systems, customers should continue to use the V600 optimizers. Both product offerings lower total system cost on day one.

The Ampt V1000 and V600 String Optimizers include the following features:

* String Stretch technology to double the number of modules per string, eliminating half of the DC wiring, combining and labor
* Ampt Mode technology to increase inverter output power, lowering the inverter and AC electrical cost per watt by one-third
* Two MPP trackers per PV string to improve system performance
* Independent power optimization without reliance on communication

"Fueled by our recent Series C financing and strong demand for our String Optimizers, the V1000 is one in a series of innovations we're developing to provide the industry with even greater value and cost reductions at the system level," said Gun.

For additional information about Ampt's products, please visit www.ampt.com.

About Ampt
Ampt delivers innovative power conversion technology and communications capabilities that are optimizing the way PV systems are designed. The company, along with strategic partners in the HDPV Alliance, is lowering system cost and increasing energy generation to improve ROI and broaden the PV solar market.

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