At the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Orlando, Continental Control Systems LLC Will Launch the WattNode Cloud, a Complete Electrical Submetering System

The WattNode Cloud is a internet enabled submeter which provides energy management, visibility, control and internet access to residential and commercial installations. Real time and historic energy data is made available locally and from the internet through cellular and Ethernet connectivity - full remote configuration access makes the solution unique in the marketplace.

Boulder, Colorado September 24, 2015

At the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Orlando, Continental Control Systems LLC will launch the WattNode Cloud, a complete electrical submetering system. The solution was developed together with eze System, Inc., to make the information available via the Internet, directly from the cloud an is expected to be available later this quarter.

The WattNode Cloud makes commercial and industrial sub metering easier than ever. Data is made available in several formats, both real time and historic trends. The built in display helps with site diagnostics, and a battery back up enables reporting of outages. Cellular and Ethernet connectivity, ability to add other sensors, meters or thermostats and full remote configuration access makes the solution unique in the marketplace. The WattNode Cloud is expected to be released to Sales later this quarter.

"This is Sub Metering 2.0, says Samuel Davenport, CEO of CCS. With this new solution, we move from a complex environment with many different components into one efficient, functional solution. It makes all your meters, equipment or facilities accessible in one interface", continues Davenport.

Thanks to a focus on easy installation and minimal on-site configuration, the WattNode Cloud solution makes it cost effective to monitor anything from single units of equipment to large facilities or multiple locations. Remote diagnostics and support enable instant updates and configuration via the secure web portal;

"Rather than adding communication to an existing PLC or logger, our platform is designed for life on the Internet", says Anders Rehnvall, CEO of eze System. "The ezeio system provides the secure communication link for the WattNode Cloud and allows the user to generate reports, alarms, trends and access live and historic data from any web browser."

The WattNode Cloud adds a long list of previously unheard of capabilities to the professional energy monitoring market. Features such as instant remote control, ability to add temperature, pressure, RH or other sensors, support for thermostats and additional submeters for gas, water or electricity are standard with the system. The cloud based software supports multiple simultaneous users, PDF reports, dashboards, email and text alerts as well as integration with ERP or billing systems via an open API.

"This is simply the solution that has been missing to make energy management available and effective", says Cynthia Boyd, Sales & Marketing Director for CCS. "Our customers has been asking for an accessible, flexible system that is cost effective and that they don't have to re-invent for each installation", says Boyd.

Successful energy management projects require reliable and easy data access, clean installation, high quality metering and reasonable cost. The WattNode Cloud exceeds all these requirements and without unnecessary hardware or complicated software.

"It is incredibly exciting to be able to present a solution that offers more functionality, without being overly complicated and at a lower cost", concludes Boyd.

For further information:
Cynthia Boyd, cynthiab(at)ccontrolsys(dot)com, +1-720-287-8433
Anders Rehnvall, arehnvall(at)ezesys(dot)com, +1-716-393-9330

About Continental Control Systems
Founded in 1995, Colorado-based Continental Control Systems specializes in electric power metering equipment for the measurement of energy and power production and consumption. The companys solutions are designed to provide information on electrical systems in a variety of communication protocols including Pulse, Modbus, BACnet, and LONWORKS. Applications for the WattNode meter include building automation, LEEDcertification, tenant submetering, performance verification/evaluation and diagnostics, as well as energy management. Continental Control Systems products are listed or recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. with a safety certification for use in both the United States and Canada (cUL).

About eze System
eze System, Inc. is an Internet Control and Monitoring company providing innovative solutions that significantly improve energy management and reduce electricity costs. eze System enables measuring and controlling functions over the Internet. With advances features for storage, analysis and presentation of the collected data, we deliver a powerful service at minimal investment for the end customer.

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