5th Global Refining Technology Forum – Redefining Refining Technology in Qatar

The 5th Global Refining Technology Forum in Doha, Qatar will explore the implementation of latest cutting edge technological advancements and best practices in refining technology.

Doha - Qatar, 6th October 2015: The 5th Global Refining Technology Forum commenced yesterday at Hilton Doha, Qatar.

The two day Global Refining Technology Forum commenced yesterday presenting some unique exchange of ideas about technological developments within the refining process that can generate more feedstock products throughout the process in both terms of quantity and quality.

The forum yesterday opened with a welcome note from Fleming Gulf, opening remarks by Saroj Panda Principal Scientist - Research and Development Center, Saudi Aramco and a formal introductory session where participants introduced and interacted with each other to know fellow participants.

Ahmed Omar Abdulla, Chief Operating Officer, Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Co. (TAKREER) presented a Ruwais Refinery case-study about the seamless integration between gas processing, refining and petrochemical industries. Following his address, Frank Serafini, Senior Business Advisor, Shell Joint Venture Bapetco. M. R. Riazi AIChE Fellow, Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering, Kuwait University presented about enhancing refinery performance to reduce utility costs and chemical costs.

As the conference progressed, a GOVERNMENT PANEL, elaborated on key factors shaping the future of refining & petrochemicals sectors. The panel comprised of Ahmed Omar Abdulla, Abdullah Alotaibi, Application and Materials Development,Technology & Innovation, SABIC , Derek Lawler, Head of Technical Division, CEO, Byco Oil Pakistan Limited, Frank Serafini.

Abdullah Alotaibi in his exclusive SABIC presentation spoke about the role of innovation and sustainability for petrochemicals future. Derek Lawler shared his insights about developing an oil refinery in Pakistan. Mohana Murali, Senior Technical Service Manager - Pipe, Borouge Pte Limited demonstrated about the rapid spread of large diameter PO pipes in the Middle East and Asia.

A focused round table discussion exploring 1) Optimisation and operational efficiency 2) Clean fuels and 3) Technology showcase petrochemical and refining interface featured Sanjay K Joglekar, Group IT Manager, Fujairah National Group, Dr. Rahul R. Bhosale, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Qatar University, Anand Kumar, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, Qatar University

In conclusion, the final day of the conference today will feature Baroruchi Mishra, VP Engineering - East, Shell Projects and Technology, Malaysia & India who will present a keynote about the importance of process safety, Saroj Panda will emphasize the importance of speciation of heterocycles followed by a panel discussion which will focus on building a roadmap to next generation refineries. The panel will feature Mishra, Panda, Joglekar, Rangnath Dubey and Dr. Rahul R. Bhosale.

Later today, Sanjay K Joglekar will speak about integrated refinery information system and support. Chandra Dev Singh with his case study will explore about global refinery outlook and refinery margins hedging. Rangnath Dubey, Head (Delayed Coker Section), Takreer will explain about U.A.E PFD/P&ID Reviews of delayed Coker. Anand Kumar, PhD Assistant Professor Department of chemical engineering Qatar university will share his knowledge about combustion synthesis, Dr. Laxmi Narasimhan, General Manager, Shell Technologies will demonstrate about detecting and analysing loss of flame in oil refinery fired heaters.

The forum also saw the supported of leading trade association Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF) which is an international non-profit NGO.

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