San Francisco Agency Launches Campaign for One of the Largest Investment Crowdfundings on Record for California Water Project

- Mercury360 is helping water tech startup guide the campaign for their first commercial project. - Marketing campaign supporting $10M California investment crowdfunding campaign to build largest solar desalination plant in state.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2015 -- At a time when the drought couldn't be worse for water-scarce California, Mercury360, a San Francisco marketing firm, is keeping a sunny outlook by announcing a new campaign for a client in the water sector. The company is WaterFX, a startup that is using solar desalination to generate freshwater for farmers in California's Central Valley. Mercury360 has been retained to help the company develop marketing strategies and outreach initiatives for their upcoming commercial project, HydroRevolutionSM. The project is expected to be one of the 10 largest investment crowdfunding campaigns on record.

According to WaterFX founder, Aaron Mandell, this is an exciting time for the startup, "Mercury360 is helping us get creative about bringing forward a new solution to California's water problem. We have a very different approach and we want everyone to know they can actually become a part of it and join us in our mission to solve water scarcity." The company has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and National Geographic.

WaterFX operated a demonstration plant from 2013—2014 in order to purify irrigation drainage water in the Panoche Water and Drainage District located in California's Central Valley. The six month project proved that fresh water can be generated from irrigation drainage with >90% recovery rate and it can be done using solar energy, eliminating the need for polluting land or river systems with salt and mineral impaired water. HydroRevolution will be an expansion of this project and the company's first commercial plant.

Mercury360 is working with WaterFX to build a campaign for the promotion of HydroRevolution. "Water is something we're all thinking about right now in California, we're excited to be working with WaterFX as they bring forward a solution for such a critical issue," said Mercury360 CEO, Ren Bloom. Mercury360 is helping WaterFX raise their company profile by developing outreach strategies for communicating the details of the HydroRevolution project to a wider audience.

The company's investment crowdfunding campaign will run for a period of one year and aims to raise $10 million in capital for the construction of a solar desalination plant in California's Central Valley. Following the capital raise, the plant will be able to supply critical water purification services to impaired water sources in the Central Valley and generate a new supply of freshwater. "It's remarkable to see just how far crowdfunding campaigns have come. It's no longer all about wearable tech and pet projects, we can also fund important cleantech infrastructure projects," said Mercury360 CEO, Ren Bloom. The investment crowdfunding platform allows companies to identify mainstream investors and use a community approach to target them.

The HydroRevolution plant couldn't come at a better time for Californians. Governor Jerry Brown has passed mandatory water reductions while many of the state's growers are fallowing land due to insufficient water allocations. With only one year of stored water left, according to NASA estimates, Californians will need to find other sources of generating freshwater. The partnership between Mercury360 and WaterFX will help this innovation in water tech to achieve the public attention necessary for enacting a change to the current water system.

About WaterFX
WaterFX builds and operates distributed water reuse systems powered by renewable energy. The company's Aqua4 solar powered water distillation system purifies impaired water from any source. The company's first full scale plant, HydroRevolution, will be built in Firebaugh, CA to serve the Panoche Water and Drainage District. The plant will treat irrigation drainage on salt impaired land to generate freshwater and return farmland to productivity. The plant will ensure an abundant and sustainable water supply for the district in California's Central Valley, which has faced chronic water shortages due to the changing climate and weather pattern of California. To learn more please visit our website at

About Mercury360
Mercury360, LLC is a San Francisco based marketing firm helping brands and companies manage online reputation and grow their customer base. We specialize in helping clean tech companies, and our comprehensive services include investment crowdfunding campaigns, social media marketing, messaging strategy, lead generation, digital and print design, branding, and content marketing. For more information please visit us at

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