RevoluSun Smart Home Introduces Solar Energy Storage

Sunverge SolarIntegration Systems Capture Solar Power and Deliver It When Most Needed; Meets Hawaii PUCs New Customer Self-Supply Requirements

HONOLULU — RevoluSun, Hawaiis premier solar company, is now offering high-capacity battery storage as one of its Smart Home products, allowing rooftop solar customers to get the maximum value of their investment in renewable energy. The Sunverge Solar Integration System (SIS) is an intelligent, distributed energy storage system that captures solar power and automatically delivers it when homeowners need it the most.

"Battery storage of solar generated from rooftop PV is absolutely the next step for homeowners, and we have found the safest and smartest innovation on the market with Sunverge," said Chief Innovation Officer Eric Carlson. "This is the missing piece to the puzzle for Hawaii, as we have no problem generating solar energy, but desperately need more avenues to use what we actually generate. For those in saturated grid areas or those who just want to get off the grid, this is the answer."

The Sunverge integrated energy storage system includes a high-capacity battery, inverter and other smart electronics in a single, compact package. It is installed at the home and integrates with new or existing solar PV systems and provides a smart connection with the grid and the local electricity supply. Each unit runs software to automatically lower electricity bills, improve reliability, minimize energy export and protect the grid.

"With more than 5,500 solar customers and a growing Smart Home product line, RevoluSun is a clear leader in Hawaiis energy transformation," said Ken Munson, co-founder and CEO of Sunverge Energy. "We look forward to partnering with RevoluSun in Hawaii, one of the most important renewable energy markets in North America."

The Sunverge systems can be stored indoors or outdoors and are safeguarded by multiple layers of hardware and software controls. The units safety features include active and passive cooling for operation in Hawaiis high temperatures, 24/7 remote monitoring and management, and a 10-year warranty.

The Sunverge energy storage system captures the most value for owners and operators. Benefits include:

· Maximizes the value of local energy resources by targeting exactly where the energy is needed on the grid

· Optimizes operations with real-time data and situational awareness of generation and loads

· Avoids land-use issues in dense urban areas of the grid

· Engages customers with personalized applications for energy management

· Can be configured to meet the Hawaii PUCs recently announced Customer Self-Supply option

About RevoluSun

Committed to empowering Hawaii and the world, RevoluSun makes solar energy affordable and attractive for every homeowner. Headquartered in Honolulu, RevoluSun has helped over 5,500 Hawaii families gain energy independence and, with 50 MW of systems built; RevoluSunaries are saving over $17 million in utility expenses annually. RevoluSun is a SunPower Elite Dealer and the only solar company to be awarded SunPowers Residential National Top Producer of the Year twice (2011 and 2012).

RevoluSun Smart Home is a curated collection of energy efficiency and lifestyle improvement products that will make your home more economical, healthy and comfortable than ever. Industryleading products include PV hot water, whole house fans, skylights and sun tunnels, home automation and security, EV car charging, among others.

RevoluSuns careful selection of the highest-quality products and community-oriented philosophy make RevoluSun the leading choice for forward-thinking homeowners. RevoluSun offers its residential clients a free in home consultation, which allows for personalized service and customized solutions based on each homes unique needs. RevoluSun also offers a variety of community education programs and regularly occurring seminars at its new Ward Ave. design center for homeowners who want to learn about solar and the latest energy efficiency and smart home technologies as well as the attractive tax incentives available for various products. For more information about RevoluSun visit or call 808.748.8888.

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