PATHION Enters the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Market

PATHION announces a family of commercial and industrial energy storage systems that range from 28kWh to well over 1 Megawatt

Los Gatos, California November 17, 2015 -- PATHION Inc. today announced that it has begun to manufacture, market, and sell high-performance, safe, and reliable energy storage systems (ESS) under the name "PATHION Power". The product line up features three modular storage platforms with integrated advanced lithium-ion batteries and highly sophisticated internal controls that optimize cell life and provide for safety via advanced mechanical and electrical design.

Unlike other ESS, PATHION Power's patented energy storage operating system (OSE) architecture provides industry-first benefits that include balancing; whereby, each cell is charged to maximum capacity on a dynamic basis - increasing available energy and extending cell life. The system does not need to be taken offline for balancing. Where systems from other suppliers require shutdown to replace expensive banks of cells when one cell fails, PATHION Power's ESS automatically reconfigures around individual problem cells without loss of power and allows the hot-swapping of single cell replacements. In addition, the system allows for the future addition of advanced chemistries and applications - enabling a migration path to greater energy capacity and enhanced functionality. The results: fault tolerance with both hardware and software investment protection.

On the externally-facing side, the systems support (1) the revenue opportunities of frequency regulation and demand charge reduction, (2) cost avoidance via solar firming and peak shaving, and (3) performance optimization, including load following, ramping support, backup power, Volt/VAR control, and micro-grid optimization, and (4) remote monitoring and control. This combination of applications makes it possible to integrate PATHION Power's ESS into virtually any operating environment and deliver the shortest possible payback time.

"We are excited not only to be able to offer a superior product line but we are currently securing relationships with two major global companies to launch our technology both nationally and internationally." said PATHION Chairman and CEO Mike Liddle. "We are supported by industry leading battery, inverter and manufacturing partners to address the enormous potential in the rapidly growing stationary energy storage market."

Made in the U.S.A. and UL-approved, the PATHION family of products includes:

PATHION Power Vault for small commercial and industrial applications features a small footprint NEMA 3R-rated enclosure that provides protection against rain, snow, ice, and earthquakes - delivering up to 36kWh.

PATHION Rack Pro supports larger commercial, industrial, military or utility energy storage applications starting at 86kWh and is designed to be used individually or scale in multiples to form a system solution under a common control scheme and a robust set of APIs.

PATHION Vault Max supports over 1 megawatt-hour in a containerized unit and can be used in a wide range of applications including the reduction of utility demand charges, optimization of renewable resources such as wind and solar, providing instantly-available backup power, or to take an entire facility off-grid.

About PATHION Inc.
PATHION Inc., a privately held Delaware corporation ("PATHION") with headquarters in the Silicon Valley and offices in Northville Michigan, is a vertically integrated technology company whose mission is to design, develop, build and sell safe energetic materials, cells, batteries and energy storage solutions for commercial, industrial and government agencies. PATHION, Inc. has acquired the rights to key advanced materials developed in the process of research and development at the esteemed Los Alamos National Laboratory and unique battery management patents from the University of Michigan. The company also has received recognition from the US Department of Energy for its fire resistant lithium a solid state advanced super-ionic conductor, and received an ARPA-E grant from the DOE in conjunction with Los Alamos National Labs. PATHION, Inc. is thus uniquely positioned to provide critical power technology for a broad array of devices that fundamentally change the way they operate and their cost of operation.

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For further information please contact Dave Hurley at PATHION Inc. at (408) 484-9031 or via email at dhurley(at)pathion(dot)com

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