Ecoppia Agreement to Deploy Its Robotic Technology to 40 MW PV Site for EDF RE and Arava Ahead of COP21

Ecoppia, part of an Israeli delegation of green technology business leaders, will be in attendance at the Paris Summit

PARIS, Dec. 3, 2015 -- In time for the kick-off of the UN conference on climate change, Ecoppia has inked a deal to retrofit a 40 MW PV solar site jointly owned by EDF RE and Arava Power with its autonomous and waterless robotic cleaning solution.

Ecoppia's automated and waterless technology is increasingly in demand as the solar industry matures.

The agreement is significant because it lends increasing commercial clout to a technology that is disrupting the solar energy business. Dirt and dust cover (soiling, in industry speak) on solar panels are a significant challenge and can decrease energy output by up to 40%. Existing solutions - oftentimes labourers with water and brushes - can damage panels, use huge amounts of water and be cost-inefficient. Ecoppia provides a solution in the form of autonomous, waterless robots that are managed through the cloud and clean panels every night after production stops.

"It's the next step for the solar industry," says Eran Meller, CEO of Ecoppia. "We're seeing significant value creation in all the projects we're currently involved in, both here in the Middle East and in India. For many of the big industry players, a solution that can clean panels nightly, can respond instantly to weather and is waterless - we feel solutions like ours have the potential to become the industry standard."

The site is among the largest solar parks in the Middle East and is located in Southern Israel's Arava Valley - next to the Jordanian border and 20 and 60 miles from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, respectively. The cleaning technology is so promising that Meller has been asked by Israel to attend COP21 as part of a special delegation of green technology companies from Israel.

"It's very exciting to see the progress Ecoppia is making in terms of winning large clients - it's because of promising technology like theirs that we believe Israel has a bright future in the International Solar Industry and why Ecoppia was chosen to take part in a side event on "Israeli Innovation in response to climate change". This special event which the Government of Israel has organized together with Israel Green Energy Association, is part of the COP21," said Ron Adam, the permanent representative of Israel to IRENA (The International Renewable Energy Agency).

About Ecoppia
Ecoppia is dedicated to maximizing solar park value creation by increasing output and lowering production overhead. The company's autonomous, water-free, field-proven solar array cleaning solution cost-effectively keeps photovoltaic panels at peak performance, even in the toughest desert conditions, cleaning 5 million solar panels every month. Privately-held, Ecoppia is backed by experienced major international investment funds and led by energy and robotics experts, with broad and multidisciplinary experience and proven records of success in operations, management, engineering and product development. For more information about Ecoppia please visit

About EDF
EDF RE, a subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles, is a market leader in renewable energy, with nearly 848 MWp in operation and another 268 MWp of commercial and utility-scale solar installations in development. They operate in 20 countries around the world in Europe, North America and emerging markets. EDF Energies Nouvelles identifies fields with promising potential or innovative technologies and tests their suitability by making selective investments in partnership with cutting-edge companies and initiating application R&D pilot projects. For more information about EDF RE please visit

About Arava Power
Founded in 2006, Arava Power is a pioneer in the field of solar energy in Israel, leading the way in developing the industry and building numerous solar projects both in Israel's Negev and Arava regions. Arava established the first solar field in Israel in 2011 and have since added 6 additional sites to the national grid, with 15 more projects in various stages of development. Partners in the company include Global Sun Partners, Phoenix Insurance, and Keren Kayemet Le'Yisrael.

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