New management structure promotes the internationalization of Intersolar exhibitions and strengthens the Conference Program worldwide

Pforzheim, December 17, 2015 - Solar energy is advancing worldwide, but today the focus is on more than just energy generation. As the amount of solar power in the grids increases, topics like grid integration, intelligent energy management and the storage of renewable energy are becoming increasingly important. With five events on four continents, Intersolar is the international platform for topics, players and partners in the solar industry. In order to expand this position as global information and strategy platform for the solar industry and its partners, Dr. Florian Wessendorf will be bolstering the management team of Solar Promotion GmbH starting in January 2016.

Solar power is booming worldwide, with the number of new installations in Asia and the USA growing particularly fast and Germany feeding more solar power into the grid than ever before. This growth is not expected to abate in years to come, as the development of global markets is driven by the introduction of new technologies and the shift in geographical focus areas.

Topics such as grid integration, intelligent energy management and the storage of renewable energy will become increasingly important. This presents new challenges for companies in the solar industry: How to correctly assess future market developments? How can companies adjust to changing conditions? Which new technologies and products will prevail in which markets? Intersolar and the events organized by the ees (electrical energy storage) brand provide answers.

To help expand Intersolar's current position as the global information and strategy platform for the solar industry and its partners, Dr. Florian Wessendorf will join the management team at Solar Promotion GmbH in January 2016, supporting founder and CEO Markus Elsässer and authorized signatory and Head of Business Development Tina Engelhard.

Wessendorf will assume responsibility for managing and developing existing international events and the global Conference Program. Going forward, Elsässer will turn his attention toward Intersolar Europe and ees Europe in Munich, and he will work with Engelhard to develop and expand new international projects and sites.

Dr. Florian Wessendorf most recently served as Managing Director of Photovoltaic Equipment at the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, German Engineering Federation). In addition to strategy development, his work focused on identifying, evaluating and promoting current market and technology trends as well as setting up and supporting industry networks. He was also responsible for political and technological advocacy as well as for exhibitions, marketing and PR. Dr. Florian Wessendorf is 34 years old, married and has one daughter.

About Solar Promotion GmbH
Solar Promotion GmbH and its international subsidiary, Solar Promotion International GmbH, headquartered in Pforzheim, have been organizing global conventions and exhibitions in the areas of solar industry, storage technologies, renewable energy and energy efficiency for 25 years. These events include the exhibitions Intersolar Europe, Intersolar North America, Intersolar South America, Intersolar India, Intersolar Middle East, ees Europe and ees North America as well as numerous international conventions and conferences, which sometimes accompany the exhibitions and sometimes are conducted as independent events.

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