NEXTracker Expands Global Presence, Manufacturing NX Horizon Trackers in Mexico

Domestic Content-Compliant, NX Horizon is Ideal for Mexico's Growing Solar Market, Enabling Developers and EPCs to Accelerate Deployment of Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants

FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- NEXTracker™, a Flex company, today announced that it has expanded its manufacturing presence in Mexico to meet the growing demand for the company's high-performance solar trackers. Leveraging Flex's robust manufacturing presence in Mexico and several world-class component supply partners, NEXTracker is well-positioned to provide a 'made in Mexico' tracker for utility scale projects.

"NEXTracker is thrilled to be supporting customers and their projects in Mexico by manufacturing and installing hundreds of MW's of solar trackers locally," said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar. "Our trackers are particularly well-suited to Mexico; NX Horizon is optimized for integration into the growing number of utility scale projects being deployed. Our relationship with Mexican-based manufacturing enables us to secure high quality components, reduce material lead times - and accelerate project completion."

NEXTracker's first project in Mexico, with Buenavista Renewables (BVR), was the 16MW Los Santos solar power plant. NEXTracker is seeing the benefits of a fortified supply chain extend throughout North America, as evidenced by DEPCOM Power's recent projects using NX Horizon. These U.S. systems were deployed in record time thanks to NEXTracker's added manufacturing capacity in Mexico.

"We're very impressed with NEXTracker's ability to shorten the construction timeline due to their supply chain strategy - having quality product readily available through suppliers with a strong Mexico and U.S. presence," said DEPCOM Power CEO Jim Lamon. "Partnering with NEXTracker on U.S. projects in Georgia and Idaho, we know they're committed to excellence in product, service and support."

The Flex plant in Guadalajara, Mexico manufactures NEXTracker's self-powered controller. Additional components are supplied by partners in Coahuila and Tijuana. All facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

Previously known as NEXTracker SPT, the UL 3703-certified NX Horizon is a leading solution for distributed generation and utility-scale solar power systems, with over 100 MW per week of current shipments. NEXTracker's fewer foundations and assembly points help mitigate geotechnical risk and accelerate project construction schedules. With independent rows and high slope tolerance, NX Horizon minimizes site preparation costs while enabling industry-leading power density. NX Horizon's self-grounding and self-powered design provides valuable savings in labor and materials, while its 120 degree rotational range enables PV systems to take full advantage of high irradiance regions. NX Horizon's key mechanical and electrical components are all a minimum of 40" above the ground, out of harm's way of dirt, flooding, and vegetation concerns.

About NEXTracker
NEXTracker, a Flex company, advances the power plant of the future with advanced PV system innovations that empower solar power plants of all sizes to increase performance and reduce costs. Globally recognized for delivering the most advanced PV solutions for 100s of projects across five continents, NEXTracker is one of the fastest growing clean technology companies in solar today. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, NEXTracker is one of the fastest growing clean technology companies in the solar industry today. Power on with us at and follow us on Twitter @NEXTracker.

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