Smart Energy Decisions Launched To Guide Energy Management Choices

Online information and resource center dedicated to helping executives at Fortune 1000 commercial and industrial companies

New York, NY: March 7, 2016 - Online resource center Smart Energy Decisions has launched to help Fortune 1000 commercial and industrial executives make smart energy management and renewable energy sourcing decisions. The new online information resource features a diverse array of research reports from analysts and government agencies, expert columns from industry thought leaders, and curated news coverage.

Smart Energy Decisions is dedicated to helping energy managers and facility managers across the United States improve their profits and reduce carbon emissions by adopting best practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy. The site will also answer pressing questions like which technologies to deploy, which suppliers are best to work with, and how to pay for new program and technology implementation.
"The executives responsible for energy management face pressure to reduce energy demand and cut costs while meeting senior-level renewable energy procurement commitments - all while evaluating rapidly emerging new technologies," said John Failla, Founder and Editorial Director of Smart Energy Decisions. "By providing successful real world examples, cutting-edge research, expert analysis, and breaking news we will help energy managers meet these challenges and succeed in their roles through better decisions."
Smart Energy Decision content will provide a comprehensive perspective on important topics and major industry issues via three channels:
• Smart Energy Decisions News: Success stories about companies and executives cutting energy use and sourcing renewable energy through innovative approaches and technologies, as well as important updates.
• Smart Energy Decisions Resources: A comprehensive collection of white papers, research reports, and other curated resources from sources like the Department of Energy's Better Buildings/Better Plants Programs, EPA's Energy Star Program, the Center for Resource Solutions, Energy Resources Center, Environmental Defense Fund, and Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers' Principles.
• Smart Energy Decisions Expert Columns: Opinions and perspectives from industry-thought leaders on key issues and challenges
Members of the energy management community are encouraged to join the Smart Energy Decisions community, contribute an expert column, or drive the discussion on social media.

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