Energy Storage Industry Convenes on Social Media to Announce that "#StorageIsHere"

Join in the #StorageIsHere Twitter Chat on March 30th at 1:30pm ET

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- During the week of March 28 - April 1, the Energy Storage Association (ESA) and their partner organizations, member companies and energy industry allies, will be flooding social media channels with #StorageIsHere. This campaign will bring energy storage installation pictures, case studies, press releases, blog posts and multimedia content to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to raise awareness about the thousands of successful energy storage projects and installations across the globe.

The energy storage industry is booming - with more than 240% growth in the U.S. last year. According to the GTM Research/ESA's U.S. Energy Storage Monitor, the U.S. deployed 112MW of energy storage capacity in the fourth quarter of 2015, making it the most successful quarter to date with more installations than in all of 2013 and 2014 combined.

The #StorageIsHere campaign was created to help tell that story and to bring awareness of energy storage to consumers. Energy storage companies from around the world will be sharing information about the industry's rapid growth, successful projects and the impact that energy storage is having on our entire energy economy.

For an in depth look at the paradigm shift from energy storage and to learn from the experts, join the #StorageIsHere Twitter chat on Wednesday, March 30th at 1:30pm-2:30pm ET.

To find out more about the #StorageIsHere campaign, please visit:

From April 25-27, ESA 26th Annual Conference and Expo - #ESACon16 - will bring together more than 2,000 energy professionals from utilities, suppliers, project developers, financiers, and customers for three days of world-class speakers and workshops covering energy storage technology, policy, trends and market growth. For the full conference agenda and to register for the ESA 26th Annual Conference and Expo, visit

About Energy Storage Association
The Energy Storage Association (ESA), the national trade association for the energy storage industry, is the leading voice for companies that develop and deploy the energy storage technologies we rely on every day. ESA's mission is to promote, develop and commercialize competitive and reliable energy storage delivery systems for use by electricity suppliers and their customers. With more than 200 member organizations, ESA members represent a diverse group of entities, including electric utilities, energy service companies, independent power producers, technology developers deploying advanced batteries, flywheels, compressed air energy storage, thermal storage, pumped hydropower, supercapacitors, and component suppliers, such as power conversion systems.

The ESA Annual Conference and Expo is the industry's largest and fastest growing conference. To learn more about ESA or to register for the 2016 Conference in Charlotte, NC, from April 25-27 visit Stay connected with ESA on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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