Smarter Grid Solutions Working with South Korean LOTTE Chemical to Demonstrate Flow Battery Testing

Smarter Grid Solutions has announced they are working with LOTTE Chemical to test and demonstrate LOTTEs Flow Battery Technology in the UK market. The two year project will demonstrate the controllability of a battery when it is paired with other technologies, such as renewables, to provide evidence of the types of ancillary services the pairing of these technologies could offer.

Government Drivers for Energy Storage

The project is funded by the South Korean government and overseen by the Korea Battery Industry Association (KBIA). Innovation in energy storage is also a big driver for the UK, with the UK government recently allocating a £50m budget to encourage innovation in energy storage, demand-side response, and other smart technologies.
The role of Active Network Management in Energy Storage
LOTTE Chemical is currently working on testing a small-scale flow battery at the Power Network Demonstration Centre (PNDC), based in the UK. Smarter Grid Solutions will work with LOTTE Chemical to demonstrate the use of a flow battery within an Active Network Management (ANM) scheme. Energy storage is not a new concept to Smarter Grid Solutions. The companys ANM technology is used to manage and control different energy storage technologies, such as Lead Acid grid scale storage, Lithium Ion grid scale storage, and grid-to-gas electrolysers.
In the coming months, Smarter Grid Solutions will be involved in a live system trial at another test site in Scotland to manage local generation and the flow battery, with the goal of reducing generator curtailment and assessing the potential for other ancillary services.
Euan Davidson, Head of Power Systems at Smarter Grid Solutions said "From our perspective, this is an exciting and timely development. As the role of energy storage in the UKs energy infrastructure develops, the role of wider network control infrastructure will also have to develop to accommodate it. This is one of the areas that Active Network Management and the use of our technology moves beyond generator curtailment. We look forward to our partnership with LOTTE Chemical and the results the energy storage project will deliver."
Next year, the consortium plans to deploy a larger flow battery as part of a community energy project in Scotland.
About LOTTE Chemical
Established in 1976, LOTTE Chemical has been solidifying its position by localizing cutting-edge petrochemical technologies and concentrating its efforts on the steady development of technologies. LOTTE Chemicals Yeosu, Daesan, and Ulsan plants boast of the largest scale of domestic and international operations and the companys products are distributed to 152 countries around the world. With the acquisition of Pakistans PTA in 2009, Artenius in the UK in 2010 and Titan chemical the Malaysia and Indonesia, LOTTE Chemical is now able to efficiently supply excellent products to an increasing number of countries. LOTTE Chemical also signed a deal to acquire the chemical business division of Samsung in 2015. The company is further accelerating its efforts to strengthen its global competitiveness by establishing overseas branches in Hong Kong, Russia, and USA, along with the sales corporation in China for active sales activities both in domestic and abroadAs Asias top chemical company, LOTTE Chemical will become a global chemical company that genuinely cares for the improvement in the quality of humanity and a balance with the environment.
About Smarter Grid Solutions
Smarter Grid Solutions delivers products and consultancy services that enable Distributed Network Operators (DNOs) and developers to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER). The company provides world-leading Active Network Management products, planning tools and a range of consultancy services, and is the only provider to uniquely combine real-time, autonomous and deterministic control into its Active Network Management solutions. Its products are transforming the utilisation and resilience of the grid, and managing connected customers at greatly reduced cost, without compromising safety and security. It supports customers worldwide from its offices in Glasgow, London and New York.

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