Finland - Cool Solutions for Cleantech Challenges Showcased in California

Finnish cleantech companies in California this week

LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ten leading Finnish cleantech companies are meeting Californian public organizations and companies this week in Los Angeles and San Francisco to discuss helping meet California's ambitious targets in using 50% renewable energy sources by 2030.

The Finnish companies, whose products and services are also showcased at the CEM7 Clean Energy Ministerial this week, represent expertise in areas such as SaaS solutions for energy management, waste-to-energy solutions, fuel cell technologies and solutions for smart traffic and metering.

"The companies visiting California this week are headquartered in Finland, the greenest country in the world 2016 according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Finland has a long track record of combining ICT with environmental awareness, which explains the innovativeness of our cleantech companies and our recurring high standing in global cleantech indices," says Ilkka Homanen, head of industry, Cleantech Finland at Finpro.

Some of the visiting Finnish cleantech companies have already established their presence in California, others are looking for partners and investors to speed up their establishment. Meetings with potential clients and investors are being organized in co-operation with local organizations such as universities and incubators.

Juha Markkanen, Consul General of Finland in Los Angeles forecasts a great future with co-operation: "California is a global frontrunner of clean technologies as challenges in increasing population, energy security and lack of clean water are actively addressed. Innovation ecosystem in Finland is geared to provide relevant and efficient solutions for these challenges. California is an ideal location to harvest these solutions for better future. I believe that by combining our strengths we can achieve considerable synergy gains that would be able to provide attractive and clean solutions all over the world."

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