Vision Source Of San Antonio Sees Huge Savings With Solar Installation From Alba Energy

Owners go solar at home & office to show company commitment to sustainability in San Antonio.

Vision Source of San Antonio, Texas is powering its facility utilizing a rooftop installation of 120 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. Alba Energy designed and installed a 38 kW PV solar power system for the eye care professionals in December of 2015. Six months later, the optometrists office is seeing power bills that are 83% lower.

"We decided to go solar at our home and at the Vision Source office building because we had seen our electrical bills increase dramatically. We added new appliances, computers, sound systems, and outdoor lighting at our home, and saw our bill shoot to almost $500 a month. While at the office, the latest computer servers, optical and diagnostic equipment saw our monthly power costs skyrocket to over $1,200 dollars," said George McLean, Executive Director for Vision Source San Antonio.

"We interviewed several solar companies and chose Alba Energy because they presented us with the latest equipment and at reasonable prices. Graeme and his team thoroughly answered our questions and explained how the CPS rebate program worked. Their crews completed the installations in an efficient, timely manner and kept us informed each day with progress of the installation process," Mr. McClean added.

Vision Sources new solar power system uses 120 LG solar modules installed on the rooftop of the building. The solar panels absorb sunlight each day from the big and bold Texas sun, sending the DC energy to 4 SolarEdge inverters which change the electricity into AC form to then be used within the facility.

Vision Source is even able to monitor their electrical usage via a computer software program that Alba Energy included in the project.

"In the first month using solar, our office bill went from $1,200 down to just $200 dollars. We have had significant energy savings and we are doing our part to keep San Antonio green," McClean said.

The solar panel installation is expected to provide Vision Source with over 55,000 kWh of solar power each year, saving the eye care provider nearly $300,000 dollars over the next 25 years, according to Graeme Walker, Alba Energys founder and CEO. And thanks to a special solar rebate program still available from CPS Energy, both home and office solar projects were eligible for a one time incentive that covered roughly 35% of costs for each installation.

Vision Source will see a return on investment in under 4 years as a result of the CPS Energy solar rebate, Federal Tax Credits and the electrical savings from the systems, followed by 20+ years of worry-free solar power generation.

About Alba Energy
Based in Austin, Alba Energy specializes in the design, engineering and installation of exceptional quality commercial and residential solar systems across Texas. Learn how you can power your home with clean, renewable solar energy for as low as $80/month by calling 800-238-3112 or visiting

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