Intersolar - SOLARUNITED has selected Intersolar Munich 2016/32nd EU-PVSEC Conference to announce its transformation into a Global PV Technology & Industry Association

Orlando/Hanau/Brussels, June 16, 2016, Munich, Germany,

SOLARUNITED, formerly known as the International PV Equipment Association (IPVEA), has selected Intersolar Munich 2016 and the 32nd EU-PVSEC Conference to announce its transformation into a Global PV Technology & Industry Association.

While the PV industry and market have globalised in the last years, the need for a global association uniting the upstream part of the PV industry value chain has become more stringent.

SOLARUNITED intends to position itself as the only trade association focusing on Quality, Reliability, Innovation, and PV Technology. It is now serving the mutual market interests of PV equipment technology manufacturers, cells and module producers, project developers, financiers, consultants, service providers, law firms and other parties focused on the growth of solar energy. It aims at providing services to its members, facilitate the exchange of information between them and provide know-how and competence to the PV industry.

In order to reinforce its position as the only truly global PV technology and PV industry association, SOLARUNITED has joint forced with several organisations in order to provide to its members the possibility to contribute and influence the development of PV technology globally.

• VDMA and SOLARUNITED officially announce their collaboration on the new edition of the ITRPV roadmap. SOLARUNITED members will contribute actively to writing the most authoritative report on the development of the PV industry and technology.
• SOLARUNITED will join officially the new European PV Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP-PV), an independent body recognized by the European Commission as representative of the PV sector in Europe. SOLARUNITED members will have the possibility to contribute to influencing European industrial and R&D policies through the ETIP-PV.
• SOLARUNITED will officially launch during the Intersolar Europe / EU-PVSEC conference the first version of the Global PV Technology & Industry Report.
• SOLARUNITED already announced the creation of several working groups aiming at involving the upstream and downstream part of the PV value chain into the improvement of quality and reliability of PV plants.
• SOLARUNITED will further support the Global Solar Council as a member of the Executive and Strategy Committees.
• Additional initiatives aiming at gathering the global PV value chain will be announced in the coming months.

In order to support its new goals, the management structure of SOLARUNITED will be upgraded. A triumvirate will ensure the management of the organisation from July 1, 2016. Bryan Ekus will be responsible for International Relations and Member Development, Bernhard Krause will coordinate the Management/Marketing and Gaëtan Masson on behalf of the Becquerel Institute will be in charge of content program development and strategy.

SOLARUNITED is proud to announce:
The PV Production, Quality & Innovation forum 2016 at EU-PVSEC - Wednesday 22 June 01.30 PM.

Formally known as the International Photovoltaic Equipment Association (IPVEA)
Sharing best practices, providing international insights, and working with local and global partners - SOLARUNITED provides its members access to world-class resources and the ability to understand and engage in markets of all sizes.

SOLARUNITED is also a founding member of the Global Solar Council and international SOLARUNITED partners with groups, R&D Centres, and a leading exhibition to help foster global information sharing and collaboration.

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