Advanced Microgrid Solutions and Opus One Solutions Partner to Provide Cutting-Edge Suite of Distribution Services

Combined Software Platforms Will Help Meet the Needs of the Modern Grid

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and TORONTO, Ont. - Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), a pioneer in the use of energy storage systems for electric utility grid support, and Opus One Solutions (Opus One), a leading smart grid software engineering company, today announced an agreement to jointly offer a cutting edge suite of solutions for the distribution grid. The partnership combines both companies expertise to provide utilities with a comprehensive platform for real-time management and optimization of the electric grid.

AMS and Opus One will pair advanced energy storage systems with real-time grid level energy management software to bring utilities an unmatched degree of grid visibility, control, and optimization. This industry-leading solution set will support widespread deployment and operation of distributed energy resources, including renewable energy. In addition to the benefits to utilities, the solutions provided by AMS and Opus One will help customers optimize their energy strategies while contributing to a stronger, more resilient grid.

"This partnership gives AMS and Opus One a competitive edge in terms of what we can offer to both utilities and host customers," said Joshua Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Opus One Solutions. "Utilities get improved grid resilience, power quality, utilization, and efficiency. End users realize new value streams, reliable back-up power, and greater control over their energy supply."

The agreement brings together AMSs advanced analytics software, Armada™, and Opus Ones GridOS®, a first-of-its-kind real-time distribution energy management platform. AMS will develop and manage distributed energy resources for commercial, industrial, and large aggregated customers. Opus One will oversee electrical grid energy management solutions, including grid and microgrid monitoring, control, and optimization.

"We are thrilled to partner with one of the industrys most progressive thought leaders in software development to meet the needs of an increasingly distributed power grid," said Susan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of AMS. "Our solutions are helping utilities build tomorrows energy grid - one thats cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable."

The shift from centralized to distributed generation has presented utilities with new challenges, including the need to manage two-way powerflows and capacity issues. Grid edge solutions like those developed by AMS and Opus One are critical to helping utilities as they develop new business models in response to this changing environment.

About Opus One Solutions

Opus One Solutions is a software engineering and solutions company with the vision of a Connected Energy Internet, delivering real-time energy management to the modern grid. The company is based out of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering cleantech incubator called ACRE. Through GridOS®, its leading edge suite of offerings, Opus One delivers a new level of visibility and control to electricity distribution by solving and optimizing complex power flows. Seamlessly integrating with existing utility data systems, GridOS® modular and scalable solutions provide powerful grid management capabilities to unlock greater potential for distributed energy resources including renewable generation, energy storage and responsive demand. GridOS® further facilitates the management of microgrids from homes to communities for unparalleled grid resiliency and value to the electricity customer.

About Advanced Microgrid Solutions

Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) is pioneering the use of energy storage systems for electric utility grid support. Using a technology-agnostic approach, the company designs, finances, installs and manages advanced energy storage solutions for commercial, industrial and government building owners. To learn more, visit

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