Freedom Solar prescribes dose of clean energy to Westlake Medical Center with solar installation

Freedom Solar Power completes a 509-kilowatt solar project installation at Westlake Medical Center

Freedom Solar Power recently completed a 509-kilowatt rooftop solar array at Westlake Medical Center, an upscale 15-acre medical complex in the heart of Westlake Hills.

Designed and installed by Freedom Solar, Westlake Medical Centers solar project is comprised of 1,566 solar panels and includes a visual monitoring system in the lobby that shows the energy savings in real time. The solar installation is expected to offset 12 percent of Westlake Medicals energy needs, will pay for itself in less than five years, and will generate more than 689,533 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Over the 25-year guaranteed lifetime of the system, the solar array will save Westlake Medical more than $2.2 million and offset more than 16.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents. This is comparable to 518 tons of waste being recycled instead of going to a landfill, or 91 acres of forest being preserved.

The pristine aesthetic and upscale atmosphere at Westlake Medical Center are key factors that set it apart from other medical facilities, according to the Centers CEO Rip Miller. Common eyesores like air-conditioning compressors, gas meters, and conduits are hidden out of sight.

"The team at Freedom Solar Power over-delivered," Miller says. "They went above and beyond to fit within our high aesthetic standards. They hid inverters, covered wires, and even installed two extra solar panels on top of one of the buildings because it was the only way to conceal an inverter box."

Miller had consultations with three other solar companies before making the decision to hire Freedom Solar Power for the project. Freedom Solar has also installed solar arrays on Millers residence in Lakeway and another commercial development of his, the Mesa Plaza Shopping Center.

"I think there are a lot of folks who still need to get educated on solar and havent taken the time. This new solar project at Westlake Medical will add an income stream thats similar to adding another tenant without adding any space. Its a no-brainer from a financial standpoint," Miller says.

Kyle Frazier, Freedom Solar Powers director of sales, says: "Better technology, and easier installation of more efficient panels means the price-per-watt, a measure of efficiency, has dropped dramatically. Its the fundamentals of the market—awareness and cost—that will drive wider adoption of solar by informed people like Rip Miller in years to come."


About Freedom Solar Power
Founded in 2007, Freedom Solar Power is the leader in turnkey solar installations in Texas, providing high quality, cost-effective, reliable solar solutions for residential and commercial markets. Recognized as the number one supplier of residential solar systems in Austin by Austin Energy, and the third-fastest growing company in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal, Freedom Solar Power has installed more than 15 megawatts of solar panels and has installed projects for corporate clients including Whole Foods, Office Depot, Lake Flato Architects, and the University of Texas.

About Westlake Medical Center
Westlake Medical Center offers quality health care delivered in an easy-to-use, friendly, and peaceful environment. From the soothing water features at its entrance, across its tree-lined brick streets with music-laden walkways, right up to its physician's entrance, Westlake Medical Centers goal is to make patients healthcare visit as physically and mentally peaceful as possible.

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