SPI 2016 - Solar Data Systems Announces New and Enhanced Features for Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Metering Solution

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BETHEL, Conn., Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Solar Data Systems, Inc. has announced the launch of the new enhanced design of the Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter, providing the ultimate turnkey solution for measuring solar PV plant performance. The Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade metering solution supports single (split) or three phase service and provides ANSI class 0.2 certified solar PV metering. It is easy to install, maintain, and operate at a cost effective price-point for commercial and utility projects.

Additional Communication Protocols, Increased Compatibility
In addition to providing near real-time inverter direct monitoring like its predecessor, the new Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter offers adaptable options including SCADA integration through DNP3 or Modbus protocol. These additional communication protocols plus compatibility with over 100 inverter brands, provide power management tools for control of inverter production, power factor, VAR and grid export.

Additional meters can be added for total building load, sub-consumption, and net energy export monitoring.

Enhanced Enclosure Features
As part of the enhanced product redesign, the non-fading polycarbonate and ABS plastic enclosure now features a swing frame to accommodate more options in a compact package. An optional clear protective cover, appropriate for indoor installation, is also available to provide easy configuration and visualization.

High Performance Hardware
The Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter includes a prewired Solar-Log®, energy meter, fusing blocks, RS485/422 ports and CTs as needed for fast installation. The DC power architecture has been modified to increase system reliability and contribute to the cost effective price point.

To learn more about the Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter visit Solar-Log® at Solar Power International, Sept 13th-15th, Booth 219.

About Solar Data Systems, Inc. and Solare Datensysteme GmbH

Solar Data Systems, Inc. is fully owned subsidiary of Solare Datensysteme GmbH, manufacturer of Solar-Log® web-enabled monitoring and metering solutions for photovoltaic plants. Solar-Log® is a global market leader with over 250,000 plants monitored world-wide, with a generating power nearing 11 GW. The Solar-Log® product family monitors plant performance, records local weather data, provides real-time error detection, automatic status information, and offers revenue-grade metering for incentive reporting. This industry-leading functionality maximizes PV plant performance, optimizes self-consumption, provides intelligent grid feed-in controls, and best-in-class PV plant fleet management. Solare Datensysteme GmbH is based in Binsdorf, Germany and is a subsidiary of BKW AG (Bern, Switzerland) - a global company for energy and infrastructure.

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