Marathon Patent Group Acquires Patent Portfolio for Critical Energy Storage Technologies as the Initial Step of a Focused Effort

The Traverse Technologies portfolio relates to battery anodes and cathodes that utilize bulk, thin film, and nanostructure fabrication techniques.

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2016) - Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA) ("Marathon" or "Company"), an IP licensing and commercialization company, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Traverse Technologies has acquired a portfolio of approximately 40 worldwide patents from CPT IP Holdings, LLC.

The Traverse Technologies portfolio relates to battery anodes and cathodes that utilize bulk, thin film, and nanostructure fabrication techniques. It enables exceptional battery performance for large-scale applications such as electric vehicles and consumer electronics, and also allows for integration into microsystems to enhance overall functionality. The technology utilizes both nano-materials and nano-structures to significantly improve battery performance, and covers all the major global economies including China, Germany, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Doug Croxall, Marathon's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We're pleased to have secured this portfolio, especially on the heels of our other recent acquisitions. Our portfolio of assets and opportunities continues to expand at a pace never previously seen in our corporate history. Importantly, this portfolio will further expand Marathon's patent licensing activity into Asia, while remaining active in both the United States as well as countries in Europe."
Ronald A. Rojeski, the lead inventor on these patents and the CEO of CPT, is a recognized thought leader in finding ways to incorporate high energy density materials, such as silicon, into energy storage devices. The results of this effort are batteries with enhanced power performance, improved safety, and reduced charging times. "We invested heavily in the R&D that underlies these patents and solved a significant problem that enhances battery performance. I look forward to working with Marathon Advisors to encourage adoption of this technology and to work with other innovators to expand the Traverse technology offering," Rojeski was quoted as stating.
Marathon Advisors S.a.r.l., a wholly owned affiliate of Marathon, will be leading the licensing and strategic transaction negotiations related to this technology. A representative of Marathon Advisors stated, "Energy storage will be a key technology focus for us going forward. We are working with some of the leading experts in the world and are seeking to find creative ways through pooling and other structures to partner with other leaders in the energy storage space. We have already had a number of early conversations with potential licensing and strategic partners and hope to expand the universe of companies and experts we are already working with."
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