GoGreenSolar Increases Energy Independence With Sonnen Batterie

GOGREENSOLAR.COM is proud to announce that it is now one America’s select distributors of the SONNEN BATTERIE, a smart and elegant energy storage system that allows homeowners to keep and use the excess energy their solar panels produce.

GOGREENSOLAR.COM is proud to announce that it is now one America's select distributors of the SONNEN BATTERIE, a smart and elegant energy storage system that allows homeowners to keep and use the excess energy their solar panels produce.

The addition of a Sonnen Batterie to a solar home allows for greater independence from energy companies, which have unpredictable rates and charge higher prices during peak energy hours.
"An obvious problem with solar power is that it doesn't work at night. For solar power to become the most dominant way we get energy, we need to store the energy that is generated during the day so that you can use it at night," said Deep Patel, CEO GoGreenSolar. "The issue with existing batteries is that they're unreliable and very expensive. You have to put together multiple systems, like a jigsaw puzzle, and pray everything works right. This is the reason we partnered with SONNEN BATTERIE to offer a simple, plug and play, affordable, beautiful, energy storage appliance that can help our customers achieve energy independence."
Recent pressure from Big Energy on state legislators to do away with net-metering and raise energy rates on solar homeowners has sparked nationwide controversy, stimulating many of these homeowners to look for ways to further cut ties with the conventional energy grid.
The Sonnen Batterie offers these energy producing homeowners one such solution by combining powerful lithium-iron-phosphate battery cells, smart metering technology and a friendly user interface into a well designed battery system that harvests energy from solar panels or the grid during off peak energy hours, when electric rates are cheapest, and uses the stored energy when the rates are more expensive.
Designed in Germany and made in the U.S.A., the Sonnenbatterie looks minimalistic and sleek, the battery can save up to an additional 75% on electrical bills.
"Sonnenbatterie has integrated smart meter technology into every unit, allowing our customers to switch to battery power automatically when they are reaching their demand charge limits," said Boris von Bormann, Country Manager of Sonnenbatterie North America
The battery is immediately available for purchase in the United States from GoGreenSolar.com. The Sonnen Batterie features smart phone capabilities that track energy usage, lasts up to 10,000 charging cycles and can scale out to meet a home's energy needs.
The two companies recently joined forces to bring homeowners using solar a smarter, more economical and efficient way to step off the grid.
GIGAWATT INC. DBA GOGREENSOLAR.COM helps homeowners go solar and save thousands in the process by eliminating intermediaries and unnecessary overhead. Since 2006, GigaWatt Inc has won numerous awards for distributing and installing solar for residential, commercial, and government customers. For further information about solar for your home, please visit http://www.GoGreenSolar.com or call us at (866) 798-4435.
About Sonnen
Sonnen Batterie has been the leading European manufacturer of next generation smart residential and commercial energy storage solutions since 2011. Headquartered in the German energy village of Wildpoldsried, sonnen GmbH wants to enable all people to determine their own energy future. sonnen thereby gives people around the world the opportunity to become independent of fossil fuels and conventional energy suppliers.

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