Totem Unveils Design for the Future of Smart Power

Totem Unifies Design and Modern Technology to Provide Pioneering Energy and Communications Platform for Smart Cities

BEDFORD, NY - November 15, 2016 - Totem, the worlds first energy solution to reimagine and redesign smart utility, today announced its groundbreaking platform for modern companies and communities. The Totem platform combines solar energy and energy storage, WiFi and 4G communications, electric vehicle charging, and smart lighting into a single, powerful product that weaves these capabilities directly into the built environment. The first Totem model is slated for release in Summer 2017.

"Totem believes design can fundamentally change the world. Were on a mission to realize the full potential of energys transformation by providing communities and corporations with intelligent, experiential and engaging structures - something that delivers powerful functionality and tells an easily understood story about clean energy and the next generation of critical services," said Brian Lakamp, CEO and founder of Totem Power. "We are building technology for the cities of tomorrow."

Totem: A Dynamic Smart City Platform
Energy, communications and transportation need to undergo radical transformations to support the emerging needs of truly smart, clean cities. Totem provides the foundation for reshaping smart utility in an integrated, visually-stunning product designed for the living spaces of communities, instead of relegating it to only rooftops and garages.

Distributed Solar + Storage
Distributed renewable energy generation and storage are essential elements for bringing clean cities to reality. With Totems scalable model, the grid will be able to shatter the limits for solar and wind that the current network imposes. Totems breakthrough product is designed for placement in locations such as city streets, schools, corporate campuses and retail settings.

Advanced Communications
Advanced communications further establish Totem as the foundation for smart cities. Totem provides a reliable hub for Wi-Fi and 4G cellular services that support increasingly connected lifestyles. Moreover, Totem is designed with an eye toward the future of energy networks enabled by connectivity. By unifying energy and communications, Totem is positioned to be an integral component of smart cities and the emerging, dynamic energy networks that power them.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)
As EVs and autonomous vehicles proliferate, cities are presented with new considerations and the need for a more flexible and distributed model to support new mass transportation fleets. EV charging in the Totem platform lays the groundwork for the fundamental shift in transportation infrastructure that has already begun.

Emergency Resilience
Totems platform also plays a pivotal role in emergency preparedness and resilience. With onboard generation and storage, Totems energy foundation is self-sustaining and capable of maintaining critical services. Most importantly, communications powered by Totem will continue to operate in the event of grid failure.

The Power of Totem
Totem stands as a symbol for the limitless possibilities of smart cities by simultaneously tackling key aspects of infrastructure modernization. The platform presents an integral tool for companies and communities seeking to bring sustainability and smart utility front and center in operations and interactions with the public. It is a critical entry point for communities that want to enable cleaner and more capable lifestyles.

"By 2020, the construction industry has the potential to comprise over $10 trillion, including the largest number of green projects in our history. Despite vast regional distinctions, we all share the desire for smarter and better designed energy solutions." said Jeffrey Kenoff a Director at Kohn Pedersen Fox. "Totem is one of the first to unite design, infrastructure, and community in a single as well as exquisite platform. Its hard to imagine a major project or public space that it would not transform."

About Totem Power
Totem Power, Inc. is a breakthrough platform that reimagines and redesigns energy and smart utility for next generation companies, cities and communities. Totem brings clean power, communications and transportation infrastructure to public spaces through elegant design and sophisticated functionality. AESuperlab, based in Brooklyn, NY, is an advisory design partner.

Media Contact
Jake Rozmaryn
Eco Branding for Totem Power
866.945.9445 ext. 701

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