DVO Digesters Power the Longest Running Biogas Projects

ABC's first-ever "Longevity Awards" dominated by DVO

DVO digesters power 31 of the 34 biogas systems recognized last month as recipients of the American Biogas Council (ABC)s first Longevity Awards. The ABC Longevity Awards were given to biogas systems that have been continuously operating for more than five years.

"All of us at DVO are incredibly proud to see that all of the American Biogas Councils 10-year awards, and all but three of the five-year awards, were awarded to DVO projects," said Steve Dvorak, President, DVO, Inc. "These awards speak volumes for the durability and performance quality of the digesters we design and install."
Below is the complete list of DVO projects that won Longevity Awards.
Biogas systems that have been continuously operating for 10+ years:
Blue Spruce Farm - Bridport, VT
Bos Farm #4 - Fair Oaks, IN
Fair Oaks Dairy - Fair Oaks, IN
FPE Renewables - Lynden, WA
Gordondale Farms - Nelsonville, WI
Holsum Irish Dairy - Hilbert, WI
Hunter Haven Farms - Pearl City, IL
Biogas systems that have been continuously operating for 5+ years:
Aurora Ridge Dairy - Aurora, NY
Bach Digester LLC - Dorchester, WI
Boxler Dairy - Varysburg, NY
Bridgewater Dairy - Montpelier, OH
Central Sands Dairy - Nekoosa, WI
Berkshire Cow Power - Richford, VT
Bos Farm #1 & #2 - Fair Oaks, IN
Clover Hill Dairy - Campbellsport, WI
Herrema Dairy - Fair Oaks, IN
Hidden View Dairy - Rensselaer, IN
Holsum Elm Dairy - Chilton, WI
Neighborhood Energy - Newport, VT
Pagels Ponderosa - Kewaunee, WI
Qualco Energy Corp. - Monroe, WA
Statz Bros. - Sun Prairie, WI
Sunnyside Farms - Scipio Center, NY
Swiss Valley Farms - Warsaw, NY
DF-AP #1 - Gooding, ID
Dry Creek Dairy - Hansen, ID
George DeRuter & Sons Dairy - Outlook, WA
Gervais Family Farm - Enosburg, VT
Green Mountain Dairy - Sheldon, VT
Westminster Energy Group - Westminster, VT
Willow Point Dairy - Ionia, MI

About DVO:

Since 2001, DVO Inc. has been solving manure and food waste management challenges, transforming organic waste streams into power and other useful byproducts at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability in the anaerobic digester industry. DVOs latest innovation, an automated Advanced Phosphorus Recovery System, provides for a more efficient and cost-effective nutrient management plan for municipalities, farmers and agribusinesses.

DVO is the undisputed U.S. market leader in anaerobic digestion. Nearly 100 of the companys patented Two-Stage Mixed Plug Flow™ anaerobic digester systems are installed in 18 states, with total electrical generation capacity of more than 75 megawatts. DVO digesters are also operating internationally. For more information, visit http://www.dvoinc.com.
About the American Biogas Council:
The American Biogas Council is the only national trade association representing the biogas industry in the U.S. The ABC represents over 200 companies covering the entire biogas supply chain who are dedicated to maximizing the production and use of biogas from organic waste. Find us online at http://www.AmericanBiogasCouncil.org, Twitter @ambiogascouncil, LinkedIn in the American Biogas Council group and on our YouTube channel.

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