Morai Motion Launches New Inline Nexus Series of Micro Linear Actuators

New line of products comes in stroke lengths ranging from one to six inches, allowing for a precise fit, each delivering impressive performance, Morai Motion reports FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

BOISE, Idaho -- Morai Motion launched the company's new Inline Nexus series of micro linear actuators. As the newest micro linear actuator family on the market, the Inline Nexus has been designed to push the boundaries and open up new possibilities for automation and more. Six different Inline Nexus models are currently available, offering from one to six inches of stroke, with all accepting 12-volt electric sources.

Morai Motion is currently accepting distributors and service providers who wish to stock the new Inline Nexus series and the company's forthcoming actuators. Those interested can get in touch using the details found on the Contact Us page at the Morai Motion website.

"We're proud to announce the launch of our Inline Nexus series of micro linear actuators," said Morai Motion representative Nicole Huntley, "The six available stroke sizes ensure a perfect fit for every application, while IPX 6 waterproofing will open up many different possibilities. We're proud to back these actuators with an industry-leading two-year warranty against defects. Our distribution partners and their customers will also appreciate our 30-day, no-hassle exchange or refund guarantee. Opportunities are now available for distributors and service providers who want to be among the first to carry or make use of this innovative series of products."

By default, most electric motors create rotary force, with the spinning movement of an output shaft resulting from a design that has a rotor revolving about or within an immobile stator as their electromagnetic fields interact. While that rotary output can be useful in many situations, others call for force that is applied in a straight line.

A linear actuator is a device that enables straight-line extension and retraction, instead. "Micro" sized parts of this kind are increasingly important to home, office and vehicle automation; robotics and animatronics; various scientific and medical technologies; radio-control hobby applications; DIY makers and electronics enthusiasts, designers and artists and others.

The launch of the new Morai Motion line of Inline Nexus micro linear actuators will therefore be of great interest to many. All designed for use where space is at a premium, the new actuators are available in six stroke lengths that allow for a close fit for every application. Compact and rugged, the actuators deliver 4.4 pounds of linear force at a speed of 0.51 inches per second with a 25 Newton static load push.

The Inline Nexus actuators also include built-in limit switches and stall protection, and incorporate tough all-metal gearing and a lightweight aluminum shaft into a dust-proof, IPX 6 water-resistant case. With Morai Motion now seeking distributors and service providers, those interested are invited to visit the company's website to learn more.

About Morai Motion:
Driven by the pursuit of efficiency, excellence, and innovation, Morai Motion designs and produces miniaturized linear and track actuators that reflect over 20 years of experience at advancing the state of the art.

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