CleanCapital and Generate Capital Announce Partnership to Enable the Acquisition of $300 million in operating clean energy assets

Financial facility to focus on distributed solar projects

CleanCapital announced today a partnership with Generate Capital that enables the acquisition of approximately $300 million of operating clean energy assets. The transaction harnesses Generate Capitals proven track record of backing innovative approaches to financing clean energy infrastructure solutions. The relationship between these groundbreaking firms brings liquidity to the distributed solar market and provides project owners access to permanent, flexible capital and exit opportunities in an otherwise limited market.

The innovative warehouse facility has the capacity to acquire $300 million in operating clean energy projects with a near-term focus on distributed solar. It provides CleanCapital the flexibility to acquire assets while also offering investment opportunities through its state-of-the-art innovative investment platform and alongside a trusted industry partner, Generate Capital.

"Distributed energy resources are a critical component of the future electric grid but to date the investment opportunities have been limited. CleanCapitals streamlined approach is attractive as it facilitates access to safe and secure opportunities to invest in these low-risk, cash flowing assets," said Jigar Shah, President of Generate Capital. "After financing billions in innovative infrastructure, my co-founders and I created Generates novel model to fill a funding gap and advance the proven solutions required to build a resource-efficient economy. Were pleased to partner with CleanCapital and its investors to bring a trusted, robust solution to this historically illiquid sector."

"To rapidly transition to a clean energy economy, we need broader participation from the investment community and increased opportunity for project owners to successfully exit their existing portfolios. CleanCapital is committed to attracting more investors to the space by providing a simple, understandable way to invest in clean energy—ultimately facilitating access to the billions of dollars of untapped capital sources that have been searching for opportunities in this sector," said Thomas Byrne, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CleanCapital. "Partnering with Generate Capital, one of the most forward-thinking clean energy capital providers, gives us the resources and experience to accelerate that goal."

CleanCapital delivers technology solutions to all aspects of the transaction process - from lending to capital raising, origination to diligence. The proprietary platform identifies, screens and manages clean energy projects for investors, expanding the clean energy market that until now has been limited to only a handful of institutional investors, banks, private equity firms, and tax equity investors.

About CleanCapital:
CleanCapital is a financial technology company that makes it easy to invest in clean energy. CleanCapital allows accredited investors—including institutional investors, family offices, and investment funds—to invest in secure and diversified clean energy projects. Investors can monitor investments in real-time using our seamless online platform. We were founded in 2015 and are headquartered in New York, NY. Stay up to date on the evolving market of clean energy finance by signing up on our website, following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook or connecting via LinkedIn.
About Generate Capital, Inc.
Generate Capital is a specialty finance company based in San Francisco, California, founded by leaders in the renewable energy, technology, finance and sustainability sectors. Generate partners with project developers and technology manufacturers globally to finance proven solutions for the Resource Revolution - doing more with less of our critical resources like energy, water, food and materials. For more information on Generate Capital, please visit

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