The inverter manufacturer SolarMax closes the business year with a 10-MW project

Right at the end of the year the SolarMax Group realised a 10-MW reference project, marking a successful conclusion to the 2016 business year.

Ellzee, 24.01.2017. Right at the end of the year the SolarMax Group realised a 10-MW reference project, marking a successful conclusion to the 2016 business year. The project developer - actensys GmbH - deployed 24 SolarMax TS-SV 360 central inverters at the Körbelitz II PV farm in the Jerichower Land, Saxony-Anhalt. The solar farm has been ready for operation since 31 December 2016, and will be commissioned on schedule when the grid connection is completed in May of this year.

First use of the SolarMax TS-SV 360

Körbelitz II is the first deployment of the SolarMax TS-SV 360 central inverter. SolarMax designed the 360-kV device especially for large-scale photovoltaic installations. "We developed the SolarMax TS-SV 360 specially for projects like Körbelitz II, because it maximises the yield of larger photovoltaic installations", says Pierre Kraus, managing director of SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH.

The TS-SV central inverters use high-grade film capacitors. Thanks to the intelligent monitoring of the power semiconductors, the inverters are particularly durable and dependable. The integrated data loggers store yields, peak performances and hours of operation for up to ten years. The inverters can be integrated into the MaxComm communication system via RS485 or Ethernet interfaces. The TS-SV 360 has a Euro efficiency of 97% and an MPP efficiency of 99.9%.

The inverters can be easily disconnected from the PV generator and the grid by means of AC and DC circuit breakers that are accessible from outside. The TS-SV inverters of course conform to the medium-voltage directive and can actively support the grid with reactive power or remain on grid with brief power outages.

Demand for storage solutions will increase in 2017

actensys GmbH is also using SolarMax inverters for the Neuenbrook II PV farm in Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein. The 7.6-MW solar farm will also be equipped with SolarMax TS-SV 360 inverters. This project is however just one of the reasons why Kraus is looking forward to the new business year with such optimism. "2017 is the first year that the feed-in remuneration will not be reduced again, and this will stabilise the market," predicts Kraus.

Kraus expects further boosts for business development from the roof-based market, especially in combination with storage units. "Domestic consumption of solar power is becoming increasingly more lucrative - not least because the KfW subsidies for battery storage units are being reactivated in 2017 ", he says. "Thanks to this we are expecting a boost for our MaxStorage units that we will be launching with a roadshow in 2017."

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