Everblue Launches Solar Equipment Partnership Program

Trainer & Manufacturer Collaboration to Highlight Shifts in the Solar Installation Industry

Everblue Training, a nationwide provider of solar energy training courses (http://www.everbluetraining.com/solar-training), has begun partnering with leading equipment manufacturers who are providing widely used or cutting-edge solar products. This type of mutually beneficial relationship will enable Everblue to familiarize aspiring solar installation professionals with the brands and products used in the solar industry.

In its quest to keep pace with a rapidly-changing industry, Everblue is teaming up with manufacturers nationwide that have demonstrated a commitment to an alternative energy future and have developed innovative solutions to current energy issues.
"We want our solar installation training to reflect where the industry is going," said Vince DiFrancesco, Everblues Solar Program Manager. "The current trajectory is module-level power electronics and system architectures, battery-based systems, integrative grounding and bounding equipment, and rapid shutdown-compliant equipment. Were looking for partners who see this shift in the making and are preparing to meet the demand."
DiFrancesco expects to see a continued transition from grid-connected string-inverter systems to module-level power electronics with battery backups that are rapid shutdown-compliant, driven primarily by policy and code. And with pressure being put on net-metering programs and solar incentive programs, stakeholders are looking for self-consumption and storage solutions as well.
The 2014 National Electric Code first mandated the rapid shutdown requirements, which are even more stringent in the 2017 code. With rapid shutdown now a requirement, solar installations in states that have adopted the codes will need to include a compliant solution such as module-level micro-inverters or DC-to-DC power optimizers.
These policy and code changes will inherently offer options during the solar design and installation process. Everblues equipment partnership program will enable the NABCEP-approved solar training provider to introduce these various strategies and techniques during its course using the most effective, modern technology.
Specifically, Everblue is pursuing partnerships with companies that develop microinverters, battery systems, racking, non-isolated string inverters, modules, and rapid shutdown-compliant equipment.
For more information about the Solar Training Partners program, please contact Everblue by emailing info(at)everbluetraining.com or by calling 800-460-2575.
About Everblue (http://www.everbluetraining.com)
Everblue is the nation's leading training provider for solar panel installation, green building, and energy efficiency. Its curriculum is focused on short-term courses for individuals in the green technology field or those seeking a career path in solar and energy efficiency. Everblue's courses are approved by the American Institute of Architects, Building Performance Institute, Green Business Certification Institute, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and North American Technician Excellence. Since its founding in 2008, Everblue has trained over 20,000 professionals worldwide.

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